(PHOTOS) Crazy Drama As Pregnant Wife Storms Church, Scatters Nollywood Actor’s Wedding To Girlfriend

The rate at which the marriage institution is being desecrated these days by older men and young girls sure calls for concern, and it seems this is more particular to people in the entertainment industry.


Ladies note that, if a man is promiscuous he will cheat on you no matter how much you ‘suffered’ with him or how long you dated him and waited for him before he eventually married you. This is the true life story of Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi who has shattered the heart of his beautiful wife…

Olufamous.com gathered from an insider that this actor kept his wife in far away Port Harcourt while enjoy himself with a young sexy chick in Lagos. After about six years of marriage, his wife, Lilian, got pregnant for him but that still did not make him change his ‘play boy’ lifestyle. Solomon kept his secret love affair with the Lagos babe until he got her pregnant too.

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The source told Olufamous.com that Solomon tried to convince the Lagos babe to terminate the pregnancy but she refused and insisted he must marry her. Solomon thought he could play a smart one on his wife since she’s based in Port Harcourt, so he accepted and started marriage plans. His wife got wind of her husband’s infidelity when she was already eight months pregnant for him but she didn’t believe.

Her friends and ‘spies’ kept updating her until it got to the wedding day proper. Solomon sent money to his wife in Port Harcourt on Friday 12 April, promising to return home ‘next week’ when he finish shooting a movie in Lagos. His wife used the money and pay transport to Lagos to scatter her husband’s secret wedding to his Lagos mistress. True life love-betrayal story in Lagos!

Nollywood actor Solomon was shocked when his pregnant wife stormed with the Overcomers World Outreach church in Surulere, venue of his secret wedding, on Saturday 13th April, 2013. She scattered the wedding before the Pastor could pronounce Solomon and his lover as “husband and wife”.

It was men of the Nigeria Police that restored normalcy to the church and save the situation from turning into something else. The wife is crying that her husband has betrayed her. Solomon is saying it was a mistake. I hear Solomon might still marry the girl and make his second wife.


  1. Entertainment and it major troubles. I still continue to ask myself and people that truly WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES “MODELS” MODELLING AND WHAT ARE THESE “CELEBRITIES” CELEBRATING!???

  2. Hahahaha daz gud 4 him, I knew it, dis man is always playing d role of ashawo in all his movies n now it has come 2 reality, Stupid him.

  3. Stupid man, God will punish u for abounding a pregnant woman, when u were inserting ur sim card, u don’t know that her phone will say inserted? That’s a big lession to all of u, who don’t hv choice of a woman.

  4. Stupid man, God will punish u for abounding a pregnant woman for another woman, when u were inserting ur sim card, u don’t know that her phone will say inserted? That’s a big lession to all of u, who don’t hv choice of a woman.

  5. What a BIG SHAME to the man and the entertainment industry. Nollywood has become a demonic centre for waywardness the reason why most marriages of its members are rubish. I sorry for them. I can’t marry an actor/actress because of their promiscuity. They are demonic arrows.

  6. i blamed d wife 4 allowing her Husband 2 base in Lagos she self living in port. She know d type of job her husband is doing. Any man can b infidelity whether ur a pastor or not.

    • I respect the woman for taken a bold step to reclaiming what belongs to her. And also thanks for the friends of the couple who made the secret marriage know to the wife. On the man’s side I know it is the distance and the devil’s workshop who vowed never to leave the man even when she knows the man had a wife already. I mean she deserves the disgrace. But for the man may god have mercy upon him ,d restore him back.

  7. all does acting dey cannot be trusted b4 even 2 dre fellow acting dey r dating dre self talkless outsideder,dey r d most heartless people on earth,dey dont care if dre r marriad or not,dey r all player.so anybody dat marriad dem dey ve 2 b prayerful.

  8. He ȋ̝̊̅§ a stupid man i jxt imagine the stress dat innocent woman has gone tru even wit the stage of the pregnancy, i pray God makes her deliver safely

    • Hw do u mean men r nt trustworthy? Did d stupid, wicked, husband snatching idiot of a mistress dat dated a married man to the extent of geting pregnant 4 him, and still insisted on marrying him even though she knows he’s already married trustworthy? #abeg leave matter for matthias, both d man and d mistress did wrong and r to b blamed!

  9. Sharp man… U 4 go wed ur new wife 4 Dubai lyk Tuface na, so dat ur first wife no go fit come disorganise d show. Wen d wahala burst, u tink say na film trick abi? Funi enof, d film u try act secretly no get part2… IDIOT!

  10. Dat serves him right! Like he said,I mean d groom dat”he wnted hapinez for himself.”he 4get 2 undastand d fact impatience wil surely give him a shrt yle hapinez bt d end result wil b ful blown pack of regrets.Y can’t he wrk tins out wit hs wife or beta stil dvorce her properly b4 get hook 2 hs mistress?He hs a dsgrace 2 himself,nd hs entire hsehold.May God 4give HIM

  11. Naija 4 real!both d men and women of d nollyhood ind.are U̶̲̥̅̊ gd at dis,it a normal everyday thng dat happns amongst themselves!!

  12. Let’s not forget another fact here. ‘THE CHURCH!’ Wil d church say they didn’t know d man was married already b4 conducting anoda wedding 4 him? Also, y will a church conduct wedding for som1 (d mistress) dat is already pregnant? #whch kind church we get diz day? #all diz end-tym fake money-making building wey dem dey call churches don full evrywhre oh *hiss*

  13. I have a question,even if the man and the stupid mistress he was bout to marry are mad,the man’s family members are they all mad like him or they were not informed bout the ungodly union like his wife?
    He should go and hide in shame. Imagine saying he should be left alone,why should he have privacy when he committed such delivish act. Stupid man and greedy girl that wants to marry unknown nollywood actor. Ndi ala

  14. Our so-called ministers are really disappointing us. Does it mean the church has no information abt d couple they were abt to join? Its a pity church is everywhere, yet, atrocities of such hight out-bound. Its Shameful!

    I will reserve my comment abt dis untill d part 2 is out!

  15. I dont blame dam, it’s d church ao can dey conduct a wedding 4 a married man dat had comited adultry. Well not der fault wat makes a pastor divours his wife after 15years of marriage and still marry another wife.

  16. Stupidity has taken over d entertainment industry cos what dey re action in film is what dey re doing in real life. U don’t ve to blame dem,cos d church has also failed in deir own part witout proper investigation b4 going ahead to conduct marriage..! I pray dat God wil help us all….!!

  17. Could the man said that he is intelligent enough to play game. Be wear you that aroused with actors or actress, pray that your life will not like that.
    If i called solomon a BRILLIANT FUL do i made mistake ?

  18. People should stop using these wayword artist as a role model. Nothing good can come out of any one of them. Let JESUS be ur role model.

  19. It is a shameful tin to the nollywood industries. pls people should b careful of what they do so as not being nuaisance to the society. It is too shameful!

  20. Hav u guys 4goten his name is Solomon, dis just D 2nd n u all r complaining…remaining 698 women n 300 concubines. yeye man, since u n King solomon 4 bible don dy do competition. Mtttchew!…………….

  21. All dis characters they nomaly play dat is ther realy self,they wil cover it nd say that is just acting is nt just,dat uselss man normaly play dat nw he has showed his true colour.i just pity d wife.


  23. the man is a shame 2 himself n not every man…this is a typical seasonal shame indeed. Wacth out 4 d next episode…Adulterer Solomon ds is just d beginn of ur shame. May God strenghtn d pregnant wife 2 put 2 bed safe.


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