(PHOTOS) Following Footsteps, Nollywood Drops First Gay Movie

Nollywood is being criticized for “Bold 5 Babes” and “Room 027″, but here comes the shocker of all ” Pregnant Hawkers”.


This is crazy, with this, you can never predict the next movie that would be produced

Despite the new law against gay in the senate, Nollywood has once again pushing the boundry of morality in Nigeria,

With recent surge in soft porn production and recent LGBT claims for free rights. Our Nigerian film producers have taken matters in their hands with aim to exploit this untapped market

Throwing away all morals for the sake of wealth and riches or asking the question when will we Nigerians come to term with gay rights and same sex marriages?































Source: naijaurban


  1. Abormination. God forbide. Judgement of God will start with them. Dey are going to hellfire direct. Wicked generation.

  2. This is a great sin on earth.Thank be to Allah for having the day of judgement,the day that everybody will be judged according to his action.

  3. Is dis real or is it faked,even if it is faked,i dont believe my eyes,how much did they pay this people acting it or what came into the mind of the story writer or director to commit a very drastical act against humanity and The Creator,this movie is actually produced by devil himself

  4. This is terrible. God! What’s nation becoming? Terrorist are alova the north now gay alova the place. Lo! D end tym has indEed come.


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