(Photo) Oops or Style? Jennifer Hudson’s Bra Pops Out

Jennifer Hudson attended on April 16th the premiere of the Lifetime movie event “Call Me Crazy” in West Hollywood and showed off her ravishing figure, and then some (Hudson, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, has lost an impressive 80 pounds since 2010).


In a tight mini polka dot skirt, a plunging leopard top and black stilettos, the Oscar-winner looked fit, stylish and happy. It’s the black bra that’s clearly meant to pop out we’re not sure about … but we’ll let it slide, seeing how good Hudson looks these days.

In “Call Me Crazy,” the 31-year-old plays Maggie, a soldier who returns home from the field to her son and father only to have her life shattered by PTSD. Also in attendance at last night’s premiere were Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Snow, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sarah Hyland, among others.

Source: Y Naija


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