Pipelines Contract For OPC Is A Blackmail By ACN — Fasehun

faseun_02-06The founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr. Fredrick Fasehun, has described claims that he had secured a contract to protect the nation’s oil pipelines ‘as blatant lie’.

Fasehun said the rumour was the handiwork of some detractors, who had become jittery because of the current move by him and other like-minds to revive the Unity Party of Nigeria [UPN].

Admitting that the OPC applied for such critical job as far back as October 2010, Fasehun emphatically declared that the authorities had neither responded to the application nor communicated to OPC in any form on the matter.

Fasehun said: “I am not aware of the multi-billion naira contract Lai Mohammed was talking about. It is true the OPC, not Frederick Fasehun, requested the NNPC to award the contract to offer protection services for the oil pipeline in the southwest three years ago. But since then, we have not heard anything from the federal government. Even if we had been given the contract, are we not Nigerians and are we not qualified for the contract from the federal government of Nigeria?

“We have over six million people in the OPC; if the federal government gives a contract to the OPC, not to Fasehun, why are you challenging the government Nigeria for giving out the contract? If the contract is N2.4billion as Lai Mohammed claimed, I am not capable of protecting the entire pipelines; we have to involve our teeming jobless youths since the contract would cover 5,250 km. The contract is not meant for me, or for my children; it is for Nigerian people – and Lai Mohammed is saying it is wrong?”

“We have been crying of marginalisation in the South-West; we have saying that the Federal Government is not doing enough for the Yoruba; giving OPC such a contract would have shown that the government is not insensitive to the our yearnings as a race, but Lai Mohammed said that it is wrong. Claiming that the contract is aimed at scuttling the 2015 general election is a big lie. We applied for the contract three years ago; they have not replied us, and if they have and Lai Mohammed has hijacked our letter, he should return the letter to us because where he got the figure he was quoting, I do not know.”


  1. Very good. One for you, one for me. One for MEND, one for OPC. One for MOSOP, one for MASSOB. One for BH, one for CAN. I am joking. Anything to accommodate the tribal thugs of all nationalities and religion would be okay

  2. Now, its clearer dat our best option is going to d bush . D yorubas r confident dat afta a armed race we will get d attention of d ‘ogas at the top’ Afterall, odas did it nd got a committee set up 2luk nto their pecuniary motiv nd report how much dey wil gt as compensation. It pays to war n naija.

  3. Lai Muhammed should just shut his dirty mouth.They belief they own the monopoly of Yoruba and progressiveness.Idiot,I support Fasheun


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