Relationships: 5 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Men and women are very different and sometimes one can’t understand the other. Here are a few things that are going through your man’s mind and he just wishes you knew:

1. We love our toys

We love you women very much but we also love our video games and our football and our many gadgets that you don’t understand. It’s not as if they’re more important than you. We just want you to know that they are important to us too.

2. We don’t really like to talk

Women like to talk about everything and when they have a problem, they like to confide in their girls and talk on and on about it. We men don’t roll like that. We like action. If there’s a problem, we don’t want to talk endlessly about it. Instead we get to work right away on the solution.

3. We love independent women

Yes every man wants to feel like he can take care of his woman and that she wants his help. However, it’s very good when a woman can think for herself and plan on her own. A woman who completely relies on a man would drain him dry of energy.

4. We crave romance too

Men are not as open and honest about their emotions as women are but this doesn’t mean they’re unfeeling creatures. Men like to be loved too and like to hear sweet words as well.

5. We really don’t know what’s on your mind

Women are very intuitive and can pick up on vibes quickly but we men would just like to be told what’s on your mind. We can’t read minds and you’ll save us a lot of stress by saying exactly what you want out loud.