Relationships: 7 Things Women Find Unnattractive in Men


Every guy wants to be able to attract a woman, if possible, without even talking to her. However, most of them don’t understand why they can’t. Here are a few things that might be turning those women off you:

1. Poor Hygiene

Body odour, mouth odour, dirty or stained teeth, wearing wrinkled, unflattering clothing, looking scruffy and uncleanliness in general are not attractive and will keep women completely away from you.

2. No Ambition

Women love being around men who have their own life, ambitions and goals. Looks can take you a long way, but once a conversation gets going and women realize you have no goals whatsoever or you have goals but no concrete plan to achieve them, they will become instantly turned off.

3. Irresponsibility

Women don’t want to invest their time and energy into guys who can’t handle their own lives effectively and will more than likely become just another burden for her. The last thing a woman wants to deal with is a man who can’t ever seem to keep a job or pay his own bills.

4. Lack of confidence

Women want their men to lead the way, protect them and make them feel secure. Putting yourself down, engaging in self-pity and constantly complaining about your circumstances are guaranteed ways to turn a woman off and make her stay away from you for good.

5. Having no sense of humour

Whether you realize it or not, humour is critical to your success with women. In fact, a sense of humour usually tops a woman’s attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. No woman wants to be with a guy who can never laugh at himself, make a joke or find humour in a situation.

6. Giving too many compliments

Women love compliments, but if you make too many compliments, most women won’t believe you and will wonder what your real motive is. Giving too many compliments makes you seem insincere and desperate.

7. Being a Drunk.

Nothing is less attractive to a woman than a guy who is a drunk! If you can’t maintain your alcohol consumption, then you obviously won’t be able to use good judgment and avoid misbehaving around women.

So what do you think ladies? What else do you find unattractive in men? Let us know in the comments box.



  1. I think that above all the points there, hygiene is the biggest factor (is that why you made it the first item). As we know, women want relationship, closeness, and constant affirmation. What’s more discouraging, really, if that someone has a poor hygiene then? Thanks a lot!

  2. They are some guys who live all that you mentioned above to disgust ladies but they find difficult to attract ladies still. What do u think?

  3. Showing ur real self in a relationship really matters.,nt doing the wrong thing to make her happy…what do u think?

  4. attraction is it. make her qualify her self to you, is the best way to create attraction. tease her, be a bit cheeky and garnish it with being funny at the same time. don’t be a wuss bag, exercicise confident, no seeking for her approval. above all, be unpredictable.

    • Dude, you should make your own tissue paper, cos you the sh*t!!! That’s the same way I feel about women, and I’ve been trynna preach same gospel to whoever will listen. You on Facebook? Add me up: Zucche Ajalam.

  5. FAITHFULNESS AND OUTSPOKEN a woman need a man who is ready 2 stay nd tolorate her 4 life a man who is ready 2 zip up 4 other girls nd safe his relationship 4rm deadly disease most especially HIV/AIDS.A man who can be trusted by his words who’s ready 2 call a spare a spare.

  6. All those ppl who commented missed the point of this nice write up. The topic is ‘7 Things Women Find Unnattractive in Men’. Why writing on what make women like men?
    No wonder many ppl dey fail JAMB. Simple english they could not ‘spoke’. Lol!

  7. It pisses ladies off; when they met a guy who can‘t say ‘i‘m sorry to a woman ever‘. They avoid you like a plague, cos they know what harm you could do to their tender hearts.

  8. WRONG!!! Let a man lack or be lagging in all these so called features but have cash, even if he stinks like a girl’s ass in the morning, and looks like her wet dirty smelly pad in dry season, and keeps his hair like her wretched father, and beats her all day and calls her a bitch during church service! She will love him, no woman wants a man, she wants what he got! Period! Poppycock!

  9. Woo letz b rilistic hia u knw luv iz a natural fin dat beatz all our tought it have ups nd down nd iz nt alwaiz d xame in all rlatnshp a guy can b dirty timid poor jst name it nd u can c a gal whoz so glamourin coozy or matarialstc bh she fell true nd unconditional luv 4 him hw wud u xplain dat..

  10. let’s come to think of it, how about if the guy has all these beautiful characteristics but he’s physically challenged???

  11. i hate men that are not decisive on their own, they allow people to take decisions for them and also run their relationship,i hate men that are not matured in reasoning and in handling issue when they arises

  12. I think is dangerous for you to go into a relationship with someone who does nt fear God. Many go into a relationship without seeking d face of God a relationship u rush into, u wil also rush out of it. Whoeva finds a wife finds a gud tin nd obtains favour frm d lord bt most ladies today are d ones finding d guys nd nt d guys going afta dem, dats y der alot of heartbreaks today.


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