Relationships: Should You Go Through Your Partner’s Phone?

Checking through each other’s phones and emails is a constant source of trouble for many couples. Is it ever justifiable to go through your partner’s private correspondence?

Many cheating partners have been caught through a perusal of their phone conversations, texts and chats.
This might lead to the notion that it is acceptable to check through your partner’s phone. If only to make sure that they’re being faithful.
Girls especially are guilty of this and if the guy dares lock his phone, they take it as a foregone conclusion that it is because he has something to hide.
But is checking your partner’s correspondence healthy behaviour within a relationship?
Going through your partner’s private correspondence shows jealousy, insecurity and a lack of trust, all of which are potentially damaging to a relationship.
This is coupled with the fact that most times, it doesn’t change anything. Texts and emails might hint at indiscretion but most times offer nothing concrete. So it’s enough to make you miserable but not enough to break up or cause trouble for.
Also, a person who is bent on proving that their partner is being unfaithful will read meaning into the most innocent of situations.
The best way to go is to respect your partner’s privacy for the good of your relationship and for the sake of peace. If you have any legitimate concerns, talk to them about it and sort it out in a mature way.

So what do you think? Is it ever right to look through your partner’s phone?