Relationships: Things Women Do That Scare Men Away


1. Being too controlling

Men don’t like to be controlled. Texting a guy thrice a day to ask where he is, demanding access to his email, and asking that you exchange Facebook passwords is not only annoying, but it suggests that you don’t trust him to behave.  Don’t follow him about and demand to know his whereabouts at all times.

2. Acting as if he’s on trial

You’re in a relationship to get to know him, not evaluate whether or not he meets your standards. Questions like “how many children do you want?” and “what is your five-year plan?” are important, but you will come off as an interrogator if you do it all the time.  It might be necessary to know if his life plans are compatible with yours but it’s wise to keep the discussions light until your relationship matures.

3. Showing a strong dislike of children

Women are supposed to be nurturers, so if you show a strong dislike towards children, you will seem abnormal. Don’t shout at parents when their baby is crying or be mean to little children. No matter how nice you are to the guy, he’s going to think that you’re secretly evil if you mistreat the vulnerable.

4. Being a daddy’s girl

Just like women don’t like a mummy’s boy, men are also afraid to be involved with a daddy’s girl. There’s nothing wrong with being close to your parents but if they exercise too much control over your life and your choices, it could be discouraging to your partner.

5. Telling your friends EVERYTHING!!!

Guys definitely get scared when they realise that your girlfriends know everything about your relationship. No matter how close you are to your girlfriends, realise that the guy’s going to feel a little violated knowing that his relationship with you is a daily topic.

6. Being close to an ex

No guy would like the idea of you remaining close friends with your ex. In addition to getting scared that you’ll cheat on him, your new man might worry that you’ll never really open up to him since you already have a figure in your life who understands you intimately.

7. Being bitter about past relationships

On the other hand, being too bitter about your exes will make you look like you’re bent on revenge and that you will take out all your bitterness on him.

8. Trying to change him

No guy wants to feel like he’s your personal project. If you think he needs to improve, you need to encourage him, not try to change him.

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