Relationships:Why You Can’t Remain Friends With Your Ex

cant friend ex

The end of a relationship causes many conflicting feelings to arise. It is common in some circumstances for one person to say “Let’s be friends”. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t remain friends with an ex:

1. It causes misery.

This is somebody you were once in love with. That thought will always remain in your head. If you decide to hang out as friends, it will most likely make you remember the old times, when you were happy and always laughing together, all the good times you shared. This will just make you more and more miserable because the person is not yours to love anymore

2. It gives false hope.

Trying to be friends with your ex will raise up false hope. Even if not for you, then most likely for your ex. It will make one person believe that maybe the feelings can be resurrected again and if this doesn’t happen, it will be like adding salt to injury.

3. It doesn’t change anything.

You’ve had feelings for this person. You can’t just make them disappear. You never really get over your ex. They never go back to being like every regular person to you. You just get around them because you know that you have to continue living your life.

4. It keeps you from releasing them.

Even if you broke up with your ex, if they started dating again the next day, you’d, most likely, feel bad. This is because a part of you wants to feel like they’ll never find anyone else like you. To have a real friendship with your ex, you must want them to find someone else and this is not usually the case.

5. It can keep you from finding love again

Being friends with your ex makes it difficult for you to move on. This makes you lose many opportunities to meet new people and find love again. The “friendship” you have with them might also make you feel that finding someone else is a betrayal.

6. It’s unhealthy.

It’s very unhealthy to be friends with your ex. If they broke up with you then you could be nursing feelings of resentment and anger against them while trying to be a friend. If you broke up you’re your ex, then hanging out with them makes you feel guilty. Either way, it’s unhealthy for both of you.


There’s nothing wrong with telling an ex who offers friendship that you can’t do it. It’s not immature or selfish. In fact, it’s the best way to safeguard your interests and give your broken heart time to heal.

So what do you think? Is it wise to be friends with your ex? Let us know your opinions in the comment box.




  1. …well if you ask me,i’d say it all depends on how you both broke up…i don’t keep enemies and i don’t erase people totally from my life because lift is a spining table and the next help source is unknown…the fact that it didn’t work out between us ain’t mean either of us should be avoided like a virus!!!

  2. Wel,it depends on hw it happnd nd both parties cos 4 som1 lyk me,erasin pple completely isn’t possible.1 tin i knw is dat u hav ti let go ur emotions even if its hard 2 do.if we hav 2 follow dat den we wuld hav sucesfuly turned many frnds 2 enemies.4 me, i woldn’t support dat idea.

  3. Its is a difficult thing to be in a friendship with an Ex, just that their is noting bad in saying hello to your Ex once in a while to ask 4 his/her well being. You can’t make your Ex enemy neither as a friend May God lead us trough

  4. Am still a frnd to my Ex even though i was badly hurt by her, i just try to create an atmosphere wer we dont bkom enemies…..Am good about it cos i dnt put her 1st place anymore, we only see once a while nd bliv me itz wasnt easy @ first tryin to create dat relationship outside breakup. Bt tank God iv moved on, although still single nd happily not searchin.

  5. I agree wit the writer………not being friends doesn’t mean you are enemies , hanging out together ain’t an option… your life and move on I bet if you meet him or her in the nearest future there won’t be malice