Scandalous: How Marriage Was Shattered Because Husband Was Flirting On Facebook

This is the story of 34 year old Helen whose life have been shattered because of the most popular social media network worldwide. Initially, many claim they have Facebook accounts mainly for networking, business and re-union purposes amongst many. However, it has been established that the mainstream of attraction for face book is its potential to meet and flirt with gorgeous members of the opposite sex.

Trust Nigerians! When something scandalous goes on air, thousands are bound to have initiated, experimented or experienced such scandals.
Helen who lives in Lagos reported to her pastor about Facebook messages from one of her friends who claimed Helen’s husband sent sexually explicit messages to her (the friend’s) face book account.

According to Helen, “ I know the girl is a friend of my husband’s on Facebook. Actually he met her through my friends list and befriended her because he recognized her as his secondary school mate.
What I didn’t know was that they had a Facebook affair until my girlfriend sent me a message that my husband was sexually harassing her.
I didn’t believe her until she posted some of his messages to me.They were horrifying.”
Even though the said pastor has tried to patch things up, Helen has refused to forgive her husband and her friend saying: “There are in it together.”

posted by Susan


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