See What Happens When Students Are Late To Church In Bowen University

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It is true we have heard of so many crazy things being done by private universities, but could this be true that this happened to people that attended church late?

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  1. To serve God is not by force. Let the students be. If God purnishes people that offends him always i tin d world would turn to sumthn else

  2. Am surprised just wander what ministry is becoming. Have you not seen a church where if you are 2mints late to workers meeting as a worker you will be benched nd not allow to officiate? Its well. If they no go church they are punished. They still went , they are still punished. What impression of God are they painting for the world?

  3. Is not that to the extend of purnishing them like that’re they God to judge: so why doing these to them coming earlier to Church does’nt mean that they have the Fear of God in mind let us stop all these in the society

  4. dnt forget dis is a private christain university…for you to cum to a skul like dis..u sud b able to abide by d rules and d regulations of d skul..pple dat dey punishd arent complaining cos dey knw that dey violated d rule…

  5. absolute inhuman!!! Does Jesus propagate the will of God this way? Hmmmmmmm. I love my town; Iwo the reality city of Islam.

    • Musbau, look wat is inhuman is boko haram sliting the throats of innocent school children in broad day light and bombing worshipers in churches all in the name of islamizing Nigeria…pls don’t u forget that! And mind you this is an institution that has its own rules and regulations which is known to the students and their parents who enrolled them in the first place. So if they violate this rules which they willingly agreed to abide by in the first place, then the school isn’t at fault if the violators of these rules are punished accordingly.

  6. Pls lets be kiaful wat we say abt dis mata coz dis is their skul age &wen they nid 2b guarded, mind u dis ar teachers they ar not Pastors & its a skul church not an esterblished ministery. THANK U

    • Y ar xtains of nowadays so religious? dey ar full of doctrines. I blve n knw d purnishment only ends der cos jesus is nt aware ie he didnt send dem. Moreso,salcvation is bi choice n nt bi force.mind u,ours is to preach,its d wok of d holyspirit to convince n nt to concfused. did jesus purnishd any of his disciples for comin late to d temple?even wen jesus ws to b takin away dat one of his disciples cut off someones ear,did he purnish or make amend?der ar ripe fruits out der to b pluck,becomin ova ripe n ready to fall,dat shd b our target.

    • Ar d students born again or jst comin to church cos its a xtain sch n to abide wit d rules? U cnt force to heaven or hell,u can only i dnt knw d one d sch is leadin d student to. Ar u hardenin der or of soften? So dey can blve jesus is a good disciplinarian. ? Or quotin ijoba olorun di a fi crawlin wo ? God save us.

  7. Those students I trust must have been given enough orientation as to the rules of the school. The university as a mission school should be expected to take church programme seriously. Why then should those who delibrately break the rule not be purnished?

  8. Evil things now happen right inside de church.who even gave de fool de authority to avenge for God and who told him that bcos he is early in church therefore he is going to wonder de Bible tells us that in de last days perilous things will happen.GOD HAVE MERCY.

  9. Wonders they says shall never end how can one be punished simpliy because him/her came late to service u can force a horse to d river u cant force it to drink water

  10. School age is a formation age, where u are thought moral n puntuality. Incultigating this in them will not only make them heavenly candidate: but good citizen as well. More eva those that God love He chastise. Abi no b so?

  11. Whr theres no law theres no offens,l blif d students ar aware of such rules and regulations,besides if dey cant reprimand d wayward student for their misdeaminours,den wot make dem wot dey ar.lts a christian university so stop blushing u fanatics

  12. It’s disciplinary embarassment for correctionary attitude,punctuality is the sole of business.There is time for everything,so when it is time to serve GOD, do it appropriately.

  13. All of u dt think ds is right must be stupid. which kind of stupid school forcing ds people to do stupid things when they are not in primary school. Fuck them all if they cannot leave dt useless school and go to better universities. Fuck …fuck…. fuck u…..

  14. I agree wit dose dt said,is a mision skul n d studnts mst hv knwn d rules of d skul,bt@2nd tot,punishin dem is vry wrng n unfair

  15. That is d unique thing about bowen university, they train their students in d way of d Lord,those students violated d rules of d school and dey were disciplined, I dnt see anything wrong about dat. However, they were 4given by their V.C. Pls let us stop deceiving this children they are d leaders of tomorrow. Discipline and obedience is very impt in moulding d character of young adults.

  16. Its funny the way ppl conclude, *smh for all u commentators, the person who posted the pix, said he wasn’t sure if that’s what is happening, thinking someone will confirm it, instead I see unnecessary ranting and comments…na wa o. Peeps pls try not to make comments until u are sure of what u are commenting on…

  17. The Bible says in the presence of God there is fulness of joy, church in not a lecture room, but a place of worship, so i dont think this is normal, after serving punishment what else did you want to preach to them that they pay attension, God is love and if truely we are His servant or ministers we have to follow His step by showing love to others, we never see such example in the scripture, so this most stop, corret them in love

  18. teaching these children what will benefit their future has now turn to dissgrace? i pray that some of them involved will not see it the some of u guys is seen it but rather take steps to obey, book of proverbs said any child that defile discipline will suddenly be destroyed, God will make them see reasons with their tutor IJN

  19. 2 b4 warn is 2 b4 harm. i blv non pf thses late comer will go late 2 d airport if he she has an oppunity 2 travel 4 d 1st time in his or her life

  20. discipline is meant to begin from the house of the lord..they are only training them to be responsible for themselves tomorrow..punctuality they say is the sole of business..pls stop castigating the school. after all most parents send their children to private schools because of discipline and monitoring

  21. I see no fuss about that, is just an act of discipline. After all, they paid for learning. Lateness like other immoral behaviours attract punishment anywhere even outside a private institution. However, punishment meted out varies. One could as well be send out of a class in other public higher institution as punishment. It has nothing to do with whether it will make them to enter heaven or not. God himself chastises people for their misdeed irrespective of who we are or where we are.

  22. Well what can I say?
    Most of you are bunch of stupidos!!!!
    You jus read an article nd drop comments asif you arnt learned!
    For Christ sake
    Be rationalist!

    its a FAITH based institution: meaning there are rules nd regulations governing her activities!
    Wich include COMPULSORY chapel
    For crying out loud!!!!
    Those students were aware of chapel service before they got admission!weren’t they????
    They signed to abide wiv school’s rules ‘n regulations
    So let ’em face it!
    Stop breeding IRRESPONSIBILITY
    if they weren’t ħappƔ,they culd hv left!!!
    But they accepted
    They stayed !so left them liv by their ACTIONS!

    Funny enough!that’s not what happened as it pix tell!
    If u knew exactly the detailed story
    Una go thank God for their lives!!!!!

    Its high time THE NIGERIAN society decided to raise up DISCIPLINE RESPONSIBLE and GOD FEARING youths!

    For those clamoring private school as GLORIFIED SECONDARY school, what can I say?
    Are you kidding me?
    Do more action than talking!!!
    Go to these SO CALLED’ GLORIFIED SECONDARY schools
    Nd see what ds students go through!!
    Then u’d feel bad!


    To who ever wrote ds article: DEOLU or w/e ur name is; next time be a professional
    Rather than picking up a pix frm somewher in the internet,then saying trash!
    Mumu you

    Sowee for my use of lang tho!
    LongLive Nigeria
    LongLive Nigeria Uni
    Longlive BowenUni


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