Senate Condemns Purported Plan to Scrap NECO, UTME, etc.

NASSThe Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Senator Uche Chukwumerije has described the recent announcement of the government intention to scrap the National Examination Council (NECO) and the UTME as a continuity of the pattern of policy somersaults that have consistently limited progress in the education sector.

Senator Chukwumerije made the reaction of the Senate known in a statement made available on Sunday, entitled “RE: Reported Scrapping of NECO and UTME”. According to him, if the proposed scrapping should be effected, it will result in serious reversals in the education sector in the next five years.

The lawmaker said the scrapping would exacerbate the identified key problems in the sector, including access, quality, funding and institutional management. Senator Chuwkumerije said, besides inaccessibility, the sector would suffer anarchy with increased temptations by university authorities to cut corners in obeying rules on carrying capacities and unaccredited courses, thus creating new fertile grounds for the growth of unlicensed institutions.


  1. Scraping of NECO and UTME wil not only lead to setback in the country’s education system, but also cause many employees to lose their jobs. Also this is a sign that the country cannot stand on its own sice the only idigenous exam conducted by the country can not be restructured to international standard. If NECO and UTME are scrapped, the problems it will create wil not be solved in the next ten years.

  2. pls ooo if neco may be scrap, because it as an alternative (waec), but if utme is scrapped it will lead to a lot of problems 1.deployment of jamb officials 2. nepotism, tribalism,favoritism, bribery and corruption before gaining admissions, which means if can’t do all this things you won’t be able to matriculated and admissions wil be confined to those that can bribe,fi8rst class section of the economy and there wil be preferential treatment in gaining admissions into higher institutions. so therefore please don’t scrap UTME.