Several Injured After Strong Quake Hits Japan

A strong earthquake shook Japan on Saturday near the southwestern city of Kobe, leaving 23 people injured, according to police. But no one was killed.

The magnitude 6.3 quake left some homes with rooftop tiles broken and walls cracked, while goods fell off store shelves, according to the Meteorological Agency and Japanese TV news footage.

The quake was centered on Awaji Island, just south of Kobe, at a depth of 15 kilometers.

The quake happened in the same area where a magnitude 7.2 quake killed more than 6,400 people in 1995.

In March 2011, northeastern Japan was struck with a giant quake and tsunami, killing nearly 19,000 people and setting off a nuclear disaster.

The Meteorological agency warned there may be aftershocks for about a week.

News footage showed that some areas on the island had liquefied, a common effect of strong earthquakes. Japan is among the most quake-prone nations in the world.


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