Shocking Photo: Nollywood Releases Gay Movie


Just a couple of months back, the Nigerian Government tagged homo-sexual activity is criminal; now Nollywood producers are exploring their democratic rights by releasing a homosexual movie, this is a movie that will surely make jaws drop in disbelief.

After the release of extremely erotic movies like “Bold 5 babes” and “Room 027”, It seems producers are getting even more desperate by the look of things

We remember way back when kissing scenes on Nollywood movies were faked. Now, we hide under civilization and globalization which seems to have encouraged western culture in Nigeria.

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  1. All shame on u. dis is what they call global civilization. But it’s animals act which is completely barbaric. U suppose to count ur teeth with ur tongue…

  2. This is a very bad behaviour nd the so called global world is nonsence mcheew! Nigerians u beta revert back 2 islam bcos islam is the true way in life whch almighty Allah himself tell us about (peace nd unity) nd aw 2 live our life..

      • Mr. Stanley, u donh ve 2 speak ill of odas religion, mind u anybody can act usin dere religion as an umbella. Almighty Allah told us in d Quran nt 2 kill unjustly…………pls

    • Not all who produce and act Nolly Wood films are God fearing. Many have already sold themselves to evil by aiding Satanic activities. Homosexuals are also called ‘ Yandaudu’ in Hausa. So don’t be sentimental.Yandaudus are many in the north.

  3. Allah is too merciful to us, this was the same sodomness the ppl of the pass did nd Allah wipe them, nd now our generation av started it, be warn nd repent cos u don’t know Allah plan against u!

  4. only recently we have been hearing of deadly calamities rocking the film industry, who knows its the kind of insane movies they act that’s causing those deaths. God help us and protect us from being used by the Devil for his evil works.

  5. When “blackberry babes” and “Room 027” was released, the so called censor board did nothing about it. Now the foolish Directors and producers we have has gone ahead to produce a gay movie. The next thing will be the release of lesbian movies, all because bribery and corruption has eaten deep into the censor boards we have in the country. O! WHAT A SHAME!!!

  6. The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. when you create a problem, you dont know what the problem can destroy in not too distant future and please, dont lure other innocent young ones into it cos the only thing that lingers in the heart of young ones is what they see in the environment. I know one day Nigerians would realise that all these indecent acts destroy the future of the country and by the time different kinds of deadly diseases hammer the people doing this immoral act, others will learn.

  7. Oh pls great movie/ wats my say? Dia are too many persons praticin dis in nigeria hope u all no about dat. Some are just hidden bcos dey are scared of being beatin or insulted or called names. Gay has been on earth long ago all dis stupid comments and post wont change anytin till d creator himself makes move. Shut up ur silly mouths if u all dnt no wat to comment. After all we are not even yet still beta dan d oda countries who made it legal. Allow d creator to choose wen his time has come…….

  8. So u mean Nigerias dnt watch holywood movies? All dose pple dat claim dere re holy do more abominable tins dat 1 cant compare wit a mere movie. Mst of dem in dere houses u can find “BLUE FILMS” so wat is ur stress? If u dnt want 2 watch gud n fyn no1 force u.

  9. @Stanley Ifeanyi, mind ur speech Islam is not nonsence but ”some” muslim. Beside is not only muslim dat kills christain too kills. Don’t ever repeat that statement if u dont want to receive Allah’s purnishment

  10. @mariam, why are you wasting ur precious time commenting on what d one(stanley) who has gone astray said. We wil cont 2 fight those who fight islam and it adherent.

    • That’s the problem with u Muslims fighting for urself in d cause killing innocent souls…..Christianity preach peace which was the main reason Jesus came to this world… actual fact, we both serve the same God but differently. Islam force religion on people Christianity shows the true way – that’s why Jesus says: I’m d light, d truth and d way no one cometh to the father but through me and only those who confess my name shall be given the key to eternity.

  11. Many who publicy criticize homosexual activities are no saints too.They are just expressing holier than thou attitude.Homosexuals and lesbian rights should not be infringe upon and stop the verbal attacks against them.

  12. Homosexualism started in the north in nigeria,i was telling my grandmum abt this and she said it was the culture of mallams bk during her days in the north.As she said that mallams likes aving sex with little boys then.


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  14. Hmm, Our leaders are gays with that in mind how do you espect them to banned the act.Can’t you people see that? And it was the reason why those devils worshippers have the gods to introduce such an act to movie industry.Thank Almighty Allah that i don’t like watching movies,because i believe that movies is all about introducing someone to the house of devil.And this will make me enact a law in my house that apart from Sunnah and Peace TV no more movies.Nigeria films or devils films (hollywood,bollywood,nollywood) will be banned in our house.Stay with information Nigeria you will get to know that our leaders are Gays with time…..Thank You.yours Yuppie

  15. We are too tribalistic in Nigeria. You muslims and Christians dat commented must be stupid. Is The title or the director of the film connected to Islam or Christianity? Capital No. Any small thing Islam is d way, Islam is d truth. Abeg make u na rest. If Islam is the way or the truth how dat one come affect us. You people are too arrogant and aggressive. You people will abuse other people’s religion but any small talk about Islam una go dey shout. Abeg make u muslims rest abeg. Una dey tire person. Any small thing una head go don crase abeg make una go hug transformer or jump inside river or well. Am a Christian and people say all sorts of rubbish I don’t mind because I know the God I serve but if na Muslim e go don dey mad. Wetin na Muslims calm down. If na Allah una dey serve we don hear abeg we need peace. Make una calm down

  16. Also to Christians dat easily judge and criticise anoda religion. Y don’t u just be an example of a christian, to all every argument should be in a religious way logical and scholarly argument is educating

  17. Gay or lesbianism well why u all critist leave matters to God or Allah to judge are u God or Allah to decide if it wrong. Gay is a way of life do u expect them to kill them selfs cos dey are gay no wat if ur child is one will u kill him or her no so why nt let slEeping dogs lie and let dere be peace we all are sinners and don’t have right to remove di log out of anoda person eyes have we removed ours pls leave dem alone pls

  18. Whether fake or nt wats Bad Is Bad,rubbish of This kind Is neva our culture.religion différences aside Just looking up to God.if those in corridors of power refuse to raise an eyebrow den there are guilty of This.nonsense.

  19. those of u supporting islam here and saying it is just a few, what of the so many yandaudus in the north? even if they are few, are they still not Muslims? and would you say the same thing if it was christian?

  20. I ha8 religious sentiments, y cnt we put dat aside and chase d mad dog to an exile, we shld lookout for how we cn discipline ourselfs and our younger ones didn’t takeup dis prevlent immoralities….peace


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