Strictly For Women: Do You Want A Bigger Bum?! Then Eat More of These Foods


A lot of women go to great lengths to increase the size of their backside. Some of them suffer horrible side effects. There’s no need to wear those fake pads or take toxic injections.  Do it the natural way by eating these foods :

1. The first type is protein. Eating a good amount of protein will make your bum bigger. Some foods that contain protein that you should be eating are chicken breasts, turkey breast, lean beef and protein drinks.

2. Another type of food that makes your backside bigger is complex carbs. Some complex carb foods that you should eat are oats, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and whole wheat bread. This type of carbs will help keep you lean and sexy, while helping you get a bigger booty.

3. The third types of food that you should eat are veggies and fruits. A few that you should definitely eat are grapefruits, apples, bananas and green beans.

In conjunction with eating the types of foods that were mentioned above, you should also do exercise. This will help you get great results quicker. Some exercises you should do include aerobics, squats, lunges, leg presses, and step-ups.

What are you waiting for? Eat and exercise for a bigger and shapelier bum today!


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