Teen’s Diary Leads Cops To Her Alleged Killers

The mother of slain 15-year-old teen, Candice Parchment, told a jury in Clayton County, Ga., how her daughter’s diary pointed to her alleged killer. The murder suspect, Marshae Hickman, has been charged with murder in connection with Candice’s 2010 death. She had disappeared from her Forest Park home without a trace.

Several months later, men searching for scrap found her remains in a nearby wooded area. Cops did not have any leads on the suspects. But Candice’s mother, Caffian Hyatt, found her daughter’s diary and cops say it helped them crack the case. “This is the diary that I found in a box,” Hyatt testified during the first day of trial for Hickman at the Clayton County Courthouse in Jonesboro.

Hyatt testified that two men attempted to rape her daughter three months before she disappeared.

She said her daughter was frantic when she found her running from some woods.

“She said, ‘They tried to rape me.’ I said, ‘Who tried to rape you?’ She wouldn’t tell me at that time,” Hyatt testified.

She said she begged her to go to police but she refused.

Hyatt said her daughter wrote down the names of the two attackers but she couldn’t find them.

Then one day she was moving and saw the diary. She unlocked it and looked inside.

“I saw in the diary a Marshae and I said, ‘Jesus Christ,’” she said, near tears.

Police went to Hickman and said he confessed to the slaying. Officer Ashley Melvin said Hickman told him he placed Candice in a choke hold until she went limp.

The defense said police pressured Hickman into confessing during a two-day marathon interrogation session. Prosecutors said video of the interrogation doesn’t show Hickman being pressured and they said he wrote an apology letter to Candice’s mother.
Candice’s mother wonders if her daughter would be alive today had she gone to the cops the first time she was nearly raped.

“I said ‘Candice, somebody tried to rape you. You need to go to the police. If you don’t go to the police, they will do it again,’” Hyatt said from the stand.