Things You Need to Know About Abusive Relationships

It seems that abusive relationships are on the rise. All of us know that one person who’s with an abuser but insists on staying in the relationship. Here are a few things you should know about abusive relationships:

1, Abusers almost never change:

Most people in an abusive relationship stay on out of some misconstrued notion that the abuser will change, that he’ll stop one day.
The truth is, that’s hardly the case. An abuser is like a dog that has tasted blood. He’ll always want more. If he keeps getting away with hurting you, he’ll never stop. Trust me, that slap will not be the last one

2, Abusers don’t love the abusee:

Many people claim that their abuser truly does love them and that in a better mood, the abuser is very loving and affectionate.
The bitter truth is that there’s no love in an abusive relationship. The abuser likes to be in control and the abusee needs the emotional affirmation he/ she gets from the relationship. They need each other for all the wrong reasons. That’s not love.

3, You’re better off alone than in an abusive relationship:

Most people stay in an abusive relationship because they are to be alone. It’s much better to be alone than to let someone keep hurting you under the pretext of love.

4, Abuse isn’t restricted to the physical:

Emotional and psychological abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse. A partner who constantly puts you down and sees nothing good in you or anything you do is an abusive partner. An emotionally abusive relationship is just as toxic as a physically abusive one.

5, Abuse is progressive:

No abusive relationship became that way overnight. It progressed from insults and threats to the victim being beaten to a pulp. Walk away as soon as it starts because it almost always gets worse.

It is not usually difficult to spot a prospective abuser, do yourself a favour and stay away from them. If you’re already in an abusive relationship, put an end to it today… Before it is too late…