Top 15 Highest Paid Nigerian Actresses And How Much They Charge Per Movie

People are always talking about how much musicians and footballers earn and it’s expected. However an intense research conducted shows that female Nigerian actresses aren’t doing tooKate-Henshaw bad for themselves either.

This is a list of the top 15 highest paid actresses per script.

15. Uche Jumbo N450,000

14. Fathia Balogun. N500,000

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13. Mercy Johnson N600,000

12. Funke Akindele. N600-700,000

11. Oge Okoye. N600.000

10. Chioma Chukwuka N700,000

9. Rita Dominic. N1m

8. Ngozi Ezeonu. N1m

7. Joke Silver N1m

6. Stella Damasus. N1m>

5. Kate Henshaw Nuptal N1m

4. Omotola Jolade. N1.5m>

3. Patience Ozonkwo N1.6m

2. Ini Edo N1.8m

1. Genevieve Nnanji N2m


  1. The money they charge per movie is too small. How could they be paid only #450,000 & 700,000 etc. is too small compared to their standard, but well, anyway, Genevieve try. Atleast she has been paid #2m. What of Nkieru Sylvanus & Tonto Dike etc. are they not among………

  2. am so amazed that d people i espected 2 appear here like tonto dike,ramsom noah,osuofia,chinwetalu agu,mr ibu,emeka ike,chika ike,pete edochie and many more was not among d 15 highest paid actors.

    • Actresses – Female people that act
      Actors – Thier male Counterpart

      Conclusion – go back to school to understand why you will not find Osofia etc here. dumb Ass

  3. Ini Edu should not earn more than Omotola as lng as clean movie making is concerned.

  4. Though omotola started acting career b4 ini edo,..Ini haz acted more movies dan her nd she’s 1 of d mst seeked actressd in nollywood n intl….Genevieve also worth d gap she gave omotola coz she acts berra dan her

  5. imagine, in a film dat feature gen, omotola, mama g, rita n some high rank actors. Ao much do u expect the producer of such firm to gain pls if they pay like dis. Tell dem to stop bobo us k

  6. @TJ…cost per movie is N200…dey sell up 2 3mill copies in a yr..calculate dat n tel me d gross profit after payin d actors involvd..They mk enuf gains o

  7. @princess, don forget igbo n yoruba guys @ alaba waiting forthose movies to comes out for doubbing n make their money too

  8. Princess, u’re 4getin pirate activities, dose criminals melt the profit bags. dis seems totally fake, ini edo cant possibly earn more dan omosexy!

  9. Laugh wan tear my belle oooo @Nweke u re so funny bur U re right. Marry Y u dey give me public disgrace na? Well I forgive U bcus U na plenty were 4uck up. Make U na go back to skull abeg

  10. Ahahahahahah U̶̲̥̅̊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ too harsh man. ℓ̊ dnt blame U̶̲̥̅̊ sef @nweke cos sm pple cn b funny atime

  11. Their price list is not well alloted. Some persons are under paid, too small. E.g: Uche Jombo, Mercy Johnson etc. But none is over paid.

  12. @mary jane umeh, it seems u dn’t undastd simple english. They said Top 15 Highest Paid Nigerian Actresses nt Actors……

  13. This shows Nigeria to be one of the best places to do business in the world; with a consumer society of over 160 millions. Think well again before you go slaving away in a foreign land. If you put equal dedication, effort and time, as much as do our brothers overseas, you will make it in Nigeria. Just throw away your unprofitable pride, have a vision/business plan and be committed to it. Be ready to suffer/endure before enjoyment. Imagine you have a product or service with as little as N5 gain and you are able to reach 5000 customers/day, you can make cool N500,000 per month. Nigeria is still an under explored market with need for many more goods and services; majority of the existing goods and services can still be improved upon to make your own profit.

    You just need to be determined, God fearing and be willing to share your turn over with others; by way of employment. SO YOU ACTORS AND ACTRESSES WATCH OUT! THE REST OF US ARE COMING UP!

  14. Noel,I feel u jare. Don’t mind them,hw can Genevieve collect 2million,does she act more than Mercy Johnson and Omotola? This rating is fake joor!!!! Even if she has been acting for long,it doesn’t matter, the gap is much and Exaggerated…..

  15. That 9ice, i like high quality people…,
    The prize of some of these Acteresses is told much, therefore, the rate at which they will be patronized will also be low,
    Rmber: When the Price of a commodity is low the quantity demanded will be high but when the Price Is High the quantity demanded will be low
    Be Considerate!!!

  16. @pwencex, dnt u knw dat der r pir8s evrywhr?? And i totally dxagree wif dx coz in a situation where by all dose high profile actresses r stared in a single movie, hw much will d producer get??

  17. Am really impress with the amount they are being paid, they are really doing well for them selves let them keep it up; is their talent, but what about the Actors??, i need to see their own.

  18. Diz z 1drful! Am rili impressed by dia earn up bt i feel 4 uche oooo cos ha level z way abv 450 naw…haba! Itz nt fair @ol

  19. @Nweke, u too shld go bk 2sch nd learn d diff. btw their nd thier. While 4dos calling on Tonto Dike’s name, acting is nt by “beauty” alone; u gatz 2possess oda qualities of an Actress.

  20. According to d law of demand…The Lower the price of the commodity, the higher the demand.. Those that lessen their price’ll surely be hired for more movies compared to d so-called high rank actresses and at d end of the day, the low ranked actresses will surely end up wit higher income. Mind you, They know their worth!!! its just dat they’r using their IQ to tackle d competition thats spreading like wild fire among them, 1mth for genny= mayb 4movies & MJO= 15movies…Calculate it! There are some pple dat dont act for money but rather get the joy they derive from doing wat they av strong passion for…Bottom line, No one is losing here! THEY’RE ALL MAKING COOL CASH!!!

  21. @frank u no well which kind small be wit that nonsence film wey the they act,i beg make them help us talk to boko haram,the fit hear them

  22. Nah waoooooooo english dey disturb ppl ooooooooo,dem dey mention actress ppl dey comment abt actors ramsy noar..well any wey read and understan….

  23. that’s a very fair pay. It shld get better by the day, i just wish for them to improve upon their movies in terms of quality and the directing to the stories(script).

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  25. You all know that this list,changes every dont just judge and expect to see everybodies name here.
    If you check other site,you might see a different thing.

  26. all dis one na for una pocket how e take concern us?if nua get sense una for no do advert of how much una day earn pay una day finish nollywood money for nonsense way una day act most especially that useless Genevieve way ack blue film……My Name Is Frank from south africa


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