Top 50 Universities in Nigeria 2013- Ranking Published by National University Commission (NUC)

National University Commission, NUC, has released the list of the Top 50 Universities in Nigeria for 2013 so far. The University of Ibadan tops the list, they are followed by University of Lagos, Unilag and University of Benin, Uniben in second and third place respectively.

NUC - National Universities Commission

2013 TOP 50 University In Nigeria, NUC
1. University of Ibadan, UI
2. University of Lagos, Unilag
3. University of Benin, Uniben
4. Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU
5. Ahmadu Bello University, Abu
6. University of Ilorin, Unilorin
7. University of Jos, Unijos
8. University of Port Harcourt, Uniport
9. University of Maiduguri, Unimaid
10. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,
11. Lagos State University, Lasu
12. Federal University of Technology, Futo
13. Covenant University, CU
14. University of Nigeria, UNN
15. Federal University of Technology, Futa
16. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Unizik
17. Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Esut
18. Pan African University
19. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. lautech
20. Modibbo Adama University of Technology
21. African University of Science and Technology
22. University of Uyo, Uniuyo
23. Bayero University Kano, Buk
24. Ambrose Alli University, AAU
25. Redeemer’s University,
26. Babcock University
27. Federal University of Technology,
28. University of Calabar, Unical
29. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,
30. Ajayi Crowther University
31. Bowen University
32. Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Rsust
33. Lead City University
34. Crawford University
35. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, ATBU
36. Abia State University, Absu
37. Usmanu Danfodio University,
38. Igbinedion University
39. Imo State University, Imsu
40. Niger Delta University
41. Bells University of Technology
42. Kwara State University
43. Nasarawa State University
44. Caleb University
45. Obong University Obong
46. Adekunle Ajasin University
47. Ekiti State University,
48. American University of Nigeria
49. Joseph Ayo Babalola University
50. Veritas University Abuja

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    • I love my alma mater…Delsu. It remains the best for me. When Mourinho was asked who he considered the world best @Madrid Spain, he adduced that CR7 remains the world best. Thence, NUC have given theirs, mine Delsu is included.

  1. we need to know the modalities in ranking these universities otherwise, i disagree with the ranking. UNN must be among first five. LASU that i know should not be where they put it. i doubt if NUC did this. some elements just put this forward and we are believing in it cos it is not from NUC website

  2. It’s surprising dat Benue State University, Makurdi has dropped from dis ranking considering d great works our new VC, Prof Charity Angya is doing. I’m sure d committee dat made dis survey didnt visit BSU.

  3. This is an absolute rubbish for goodness sake. They lack the right knowledge for doing it. They simply allowed their sense of reasoning to be overriden by sentiments. Otherwise, what are the criteria for the ranking?

  4. What re d criteria used in d ranking? Imagine leed city wey dey do admission every thursday dey d list with more then enough useless private universities wey dem dey produce inexperience graduates that does not know what it takes to gain admission into the university and doesnt go through the real university experience. Imagine oou no make the list. This is bullshit.

  5. What’s the criteria used in for these rankings? It’s not just enough to sit down it Abuja and rank universities based on reputation. Many of these universities are not even qualified to be called universities. I have been to a few of them and I have associated with many of their graduates and all I can say is that this rankings is a big joke.

  6. Foolish talk!!! I can’t stand the kind of comment i’m reading here. U guys should be ashame of our higher institutions instead of playing the Best game here. Among the world first 100 universities not even the so called UI is among. In Africa, no nigeria university is among the first ten n yet we claim to be giant of Africa. What a shame in disguise.No nigeria agricultural university can boost of food production despite the arable land yet we have graduate from dis skols. no nigeria science and technology university can boost of any construction plant or automobile station n yet we have graduate frm these skols. No wonder the govt spend millions in importation. I no send this ranking @ all bcos na rubbish!!!

    • Thank you Mr. Lectural. That is exactly what Nigeria are good at, celebrating failure, doom, poverty, for other university to fail its shows that, the NUC itself as a commission has failed the country Nigeria, shame on NUC. May God help us.

  7. @least AAUA is part of top 50 university in nigeria. Just yesterday AAUA embarassed the so called PREMIER UNIVERSITY IN AN inter skul debate. Of great concern to me is what basis or criteria was used in this ranking?

  8. I am an employer of labour.
    Most graduates from state universities are useless…
    I prefer the church owed schools like convenant, babcock, bowen then others, follow by the federals ones then the state . Most state university graduates hardly pass my basic test. interview.

    • fuck you, screw you and your so called fucking work, you are as useless as your words, go and hug transformer, winter is already over i would have asked you to go and jump inside frozen water, better still waters in this part are still cold, you can come and swim inside it mr sabi all employer……… can you pass my own interview? you sit here and insult graduates that went through hell to make it where they are…….. see your big dirty mouth, abeg close am e dey smell……..

    • On what basis are you making this submission? I think you should look at your organizational standard and make necessary adjustment instead of blaming your failures on state owned university. State Universities are not operating with same allocation as their federal counterpart and yet they are able to produce standards and yet you are blaming them. where did you finish from Harvard or MIT. I am a brand of a state University (LASU) go to LASU today and i am sure you will sign your future generations up for the quality of Lecturers, Academic Standards, Environment etc . GO AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF

    • @ Wilson Abeke. I disagree wit u.
      While i dont av to pull down any Institution, i hereby CHALLENGE yu to try LAUTECH graduates. Yu’ll av a pleasant testimony.
      U can challenge mie personally @ yu’l confirm we’re configured to excell in any terrain.
      Gr8 LAUTECH-I’m proud of yu.
      Gr8 LAUTECH-yU make me whole!!
      ([email protected])

    • @wilson abeke,To imagine dat ur written english is d worst amongst d bunch nd u still had d boldness 2 say dat u employ ppl.Am still trying 2 imagine d kind of organisation u head.Shame on u.Delsu is by far beta dan most of d university listed here nd I can proudly say dat cos am an alumnus of dat institution.

  9. Dont worry if ur uni. is Nt listed in d first list look 4 d second list,eventhough NUC consider politics NT academic in ranking order bcos d 5th is d 1st NO doubt AN ABU GRADUATES is ahead of u:::::::::::::

  10. well i dnt have problem wt d ranking no mata what critaria that was used. NUC is in a better position to judge. Am a Zikite and comparing our age wt other schs, i dnt think we re doing badly. Greatest Zikites!

  11. @shady, why are u beefing FUTO students, maybe you looked for admission and couldn’t get it. With all due respect i would not brag with anybody about Nigeria University when it comes to world ranking. Sincerely, i am surprised seeing maid(with all due respect to my fellow students). I dont think FUTO is over hyped, we have really good students and we really perform well whenever we are called upon.

  12. i’m really confused o ……. what is the criteria of this ranking, is it terms of technology, environment, lecturers, consistency or amount or amount of bribe given to the ranker? imagine Esut and Rsust positions, those it make sense in terms of lecturers and technology and facilities. i’m out.

  13. @Jude,its not a beef my Broda….I have many friends in Futo and the way they brag and stuffs like that makes it look like they are the best the country have. Saying I sought for admission to Futo is ridiculous…though am from Imo,I never wished to school in any eastern university and I guess u know why…

  14. Benue state university is not on that list, that must be an omission. I need that list edited. Seriousely!! Even though we re all rice and beans, the university commission come up with a list and say 50 beans are fairer than the rest But all beans are beans. The entire educational system of This country is messed up, Realising all these lists wont help us, Let’s sit up and make a difference.

  15. all i believe is with time our baby but the 1st community university in W/A, great Kwararafa University, Wukari in Taraba State will soon make it to the top. 2012 we r ranked 63rd above the likes of BSU etc. I am proud great KUW

  16. @Alibor Greg. How did u knw dat NDU’s standard isn’t up to DELSU’s? Even tho NDU is nt as old as Delsu it can boast of more hardwork dan delsu. U pple are knwn 4 corruptn and d only area u beat NDU is ‘buildings’

  17. I dnt agree with ESUT. It shouldn’t be there judging from what 3 graduates portrayed when they were posted to their PPA(NYSC 2011 Batch C) in 3 different schools and states. They couldn’t even write simple statement(s).

  18. Where ever you stand is not my business , what i’m concerned about is that you must make your submission and criticism objective. NUC has the parameters and mandate to to this and we all must appreciate their submission. In anycase we are product of our society Federal,State, Private we will remain one People , One Objective and One Interest …

  19. NUC, or wateva name dey chøose 2 call emselves re no less fit 2 b calld “assholes”…nd u guyz more dan live up to d name “booty lickerz”…i rep ma skul DELSU ad-infinitum ad-absurdum…screw u,screw ur list…we knw d real LIST nd we re no 1…if u want a duel,am eva ready…@let d labour market decide

  20. I just graduated from Delsu…yet i only one University(Unilag) among the list grants the degree i graduated with. I love(d) Delsu. Great gbogbo! Greatest aluta continua Delsuites!! I dey dobalee o! Don’t mind these oga@d top. Their website categoricaly speaking is ww.nuc. (clears throat)

  21. I just graduated from Delsu…yet only one University(Unilag) among the list grants the degree(pharmacology and Therapeutics honours) i graduated with. I love(d) Delsu. Great gbogbo! Greatest aluta continua Delsuites!! I dey dobalee o! Don’t mind these oga@d top. Their website categoricaly speaking is ww.nuc. (clears throat)

  22. NUC is d commission sadden with the sole responsibility of accrediting all Universities in Nigeria. If NUC says dis r d top 50 universities in Nigeria, we shld nt argue with dem all we need to ask them is what was their basis for ranking.

  23. MOUAU #29. I really don’t look @the ranking instead I know my skill and experience in the IT FIELD. I’ve met other graduate in comp. Sci. But all they say is crap! NUC when’ll you introduce nice languages in our universities like Java/C++, C#.NET, ANDROID/LINUX, PHP. Why BASIC, COBOL, PASCAL/FORTRAN. Thank God what I know is a function of personal development. NUC do something o. Greatest Umudike no ni

  24. I feel proud and honoured to have graduated from the University of Lagos aka UNILAG and being an ex-Akokite, I even thought that we would be no.1 but I also give due respect to UI which has been a great and noble institution of learning and it’s no surprise to me that they beat us to the first position.I also give kudos to my folks who graduated from Ife or as called OAU and others.I say well done and for those that didn’t make the list or were not satisfied either, I’ll say still feel proud of yourselves and institutions because there could be nothing compared to having university education and as a matter of fact, it’s what you do with it that matters and learning is a continual process and someone mentioned that the criteria of selection or determination is unknown which is true but in my view a lot of things might have been taken into consideration including the university’s performance academic wise.Howeever, a lot still needs to be done to impact meaningfully on the country’s level of development and it all boils down to the kind of leadership that we have in the country which at the moment is nothing to write home about.

  25. Dis is rubish ranging of university by NUC, 2 start wt wo criteria do dy us? Is it base on federa uni, UI is on point bt Uniben n Uniport r livin on d past glory, c UNN wot an insolence, hw cn it b dis fa? I knw my state is corupt bt telin m dat DELSU is nt among d 1st 50 uni is a story, wrong ppl colect d
    data, analize d data, compute d data, n gv dis wrng conclusion

  26. Of d Greatest UItes!! ̶̷̩̥̊͡ε̲̣̣̣̥ can’t shout jare, NUC has said it ά̲̣̥ℓℓ… ̶̷̩̥̊͡ε̲̣̣̣̥ aint d FIRST nd d BEST by mouth, ̶̷̩̥̊͡ε̲̣̣̣̥ also show it by deed! #i Rep UI

  27. Upon all these ranking, non of these universities could make 200 best list in world. So where is d standard if a country with over 100 universities could not find a university of its own in d world 200 ranking? U better call this “substandard ranking”.

  28. @OOUites, if ur skul makes first 100, i wil sue NUC. Lol, even Unilorin dat finishes a semester in 1 month! I cnt compare any skul wit Unilag in Nigeria. ‘If e nor be panadol, e no fit be lyk panadol’

  29. I don’t understand the criteria at which these universities were chosen. National Universities Commission is incompetent and biased at chosen these universities apart from the first ten universities listed. It’s the truth that Bribery and Corruption rule this country. What effect does it add to the economy of the country at job levels? Millions of graduates are out there without tangible jobs to sustain them in any sector of the economy. For crying out loud, what are the basis of this universities ranking?

  30. BULLSHIT.. u imagine universities that were not been visited by the NUC for accreditation, and not to talk of graduating a single a set of graduate are on the list, that is to the level of politics played

  31. @Alibor greg# or wah ever! U shuld have knwn deep down inside ur heart dat Ur Uniskul is a cesspool of corruption na! Haba! Im sure u av got no personal unpleaseant grudges against NDU…….I tell u d truth, she(NDU) has laboured enough 2 make 2 dis list, and not by chance is she here…im sure their best is d way…..Big ups 2 NDU n her community! I bear u pleasant grudges…

  32. now i know most nigerian students lack d correct mentality. nuc ranking we start arguing which suppose to be d best.some nonentities even say no nig versity is amg d best 400 in d world.u can influence ur skul go back nd wk hard sky shal be ur bgn

  33. anyway ABU z nt qualify 4 dat position.tribalism,religiounism and other sm sm hz finish d school,physic dept no prof.all are small boz frm buk.anyway dat z my school and z a pity 4 NUC 2 av choosing dem.

  34. UNN still d best and d only first indigenous thing i lyk wit unn students is that,we represent wherever we find ourselves…even if nuc place us @ no 100 is non of our business…try unn and c……..third class unn product can mek 1st class in oda skul…GREAT LIONS AND LIONESSESS..c u @ d top

  35. the different is cleared by seeing eksu making d first 50 list. I must say a big kudos to the governor in person of his Excellency Dr Kayode Fayemi and the Hon v.c prof Aina. Pls keep up.

  36. I never seems 2 imargin people talking abt criterial in dis ranking when Nigeria her self dnt even have criterial in her universities. Nigeria universities are nowhere closer to 1st 100 in d world & 1st 50 in Africa bcos of thier curruption. I just want to let d 1st 50 uni knw dat its dsame curruption dat put dem there beleive me or not, n stop calling ur sch d best bcos u knw d truth. LOL dis simply means ur VCs are good in politics which will never bring d best in ur sch. Proudly Delsuite

  37. Ats my imagination…people say the system is corrupt BUT what about you? To change the Nation you must first begin by changing ourselves. Those who claim “corrupt system” I bet when they get there they’d do the same if not worse. NUC had their own criteria, but then, must all schools meet it?
    Good schools isn’t about being placed first 100 in the country, its much more than that!!!

  38. This is unbelievable that UNICAL would be ranked 28th. Those of you who claim that your university is the best,why nt come down to UNICAL and try out the knowledge u’ve acquired from ur school. Long live malabites n malabresses,Long live UNICAL

  39. *Laughing out loud*..and they condem private universities..I’m proud to be a student of c.u,which came 13th place,in 2 years time I would be expecting my school in 1st place,convenant now I know their drilling and the rules are not for nothing,I’m proud of my school..#tongue out @ other government universities.nto!

  40. Greatest of d greatest akokite, greEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt. So sad we d university of first choice (THE NATIONS PRIDE) is nw 2nd on d list. I bliv wit me nd ma humble, brilliant, loyal, intelligent akokites can take unilag bak 2 whr we r 2 b (1st)position.

  41. A brilliant child will always be sad when he or she is place on a second position in class. The best of all universities UNILAG, why? What went wrong? I’m proud of U. Wake up n take ur position. Greatest of the greatest AKOKITES!

  42. Hmmmmm….. Rating,rating,rating. It is a shame that nigerian university are not known in the world. Our certificate not recognise @ all. U ar happy ur skul is no 1,made d list,bt neva ashamed dat u are nt among d best university in d world. We produce graduate 4rm medical line yet our leders travel abroad 4 treatment,engineers bt can produce a bycicle. What a shame.

  43. Hw genuine is ds list? Top 50 in Nigeria? Realy? Where were we in d World nd African ratings? Pls NUC do smetn 2 improve our standard of education. Letz nt cntinue being local champions! We realy shld gt an award 4 best ASUU-striking nation!

  44. Corruption in this country is getting to much. There is no any criteria for this ranking the only thing I can see as the criteria they use is base on the money(bribe) you are able to give to NUC whenever they visit your school, and two the school most of the NUC staff graduated from. Crescent university Abeokuta should be on the list.

  45. nt happy with diz ranking…4 christsake unizik is worth more than the 16th position…unizik is growing by d day..d best law faculty,very gigantic faculty sciences under construction…I totally disagree with diz ranking..M proudly a zikite

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  47. Kindly tell me d status of d newly admitted students into LASU faculty of Law but not matriculated along wt other freshers and up till now d students were not told anything though their registrations had been completed. Thanks

  48. Stupid ranking.nor of Nigeria Univeristies made top 1000 best Universities in the WORLD.even the Great Uniben and Unilag didn’t made the list.yet,dem dey write best universities 4 here.Nigeria get the worst universities in the world