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Many Nigerians go on vacations to Ghana due to its proximity and the low fares. However, Ghana has so much more to offer. The wonderful diversity of natural attractions, historical heritage and the vibrant cultural identity offers visitors of Ghana a wonderful tourist experience. Known for the hospitality and friendliness of the people, Ghana is a pleasant destination for travellers and even those with children.


People and culture

•Experience rural life and enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the local people during your visit to one of the many interesting eco-tourism projects in Ghana.

•Discover the various architectural styles of local houses and the distinctive way of living in the sub-Saharan northern part of the country.

•Visit the flamboyant festivals celebrated throughout the year and learn about culture and traditions of the various tribes in Ghana. Be amazed by the vibrant parades surrounding the traditional chiefs in their colourful dresses and the rhythmic beat of local drumming.

•Visit the traditional weaving villages of Kpotoe, Daboya or Bonwire and explore other craft making villages like the pottery and art village Sirigu and wood carving section of Aburi or Kpando.


•Learn about the colonial period and the way to independence during your visit to the Nkrumah Mausoleum and the national museum in Accra. Combine this with a stroll through the colonial neighbourhoods and fishing communities James and Usher town and the cultural center.

•Explore the string of coastal forts including Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle; a thought-provoking memorial to the slave trade.

•Discover the Saharan style built mosques and the Islamic history of Ghana in the regions in the north.


•Enjoy the panoramic scenery after climbing to the top of Mount Afadjatoe, Mount Gemi or the Breast Mountains in Kyabobo Natural park; the highest peaks in the Volta Region. Take a refreshing shower under one of the surrounding waterfalls, like the Tagbo falls at Liati Wote, Wli falls or Ote falls.

•Spot Mona monkeys living in harmony with the local people in the villages Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary and the Baobeng Fiema monkey sanctuary.

•Watch elephants, crocodiles and antelopes during a foot safari in Mole National Park. Spot other species of wildlife during an adventurous drive further into the park

•Paddle a pirogue on the Black Volta River and look for hippos.•Take a canoe trip at the Amansuri Lagoon and visit the extra-ordinary stilt village Nzulezo. Highly interesting for bird watchers, like the Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary!

• Enjoy the shadow of the giant Baobab trees during your hike through the rock formation around the village Bongo or climb to the sacred caves of Tano.

•Enjoy the green rolling hills around the banks of the Volta Lake during a two day ferry trip up north.

City life

•Go for club hopping in Accra or Kumasi!

•Browse at Kejetia Market, one of the biggest West African open-air markets, and visit the cultural center and Menhya palace in the Ashanti capital of Kumasi.


Relaxing and beach life

•Taking respite from the Ghanaian heat and relax along the exotic beaches around Busua, Elmina or Ada. Relaxation is guaranteed at Ko-Sa Beach Resort, Green Turtle Lodge, Ellis Hideout and others.

•Enjoy the serene atmosphere and the gorgeous taste of grilled tilapia in the lovely hide-outs at the bank of river or Lake Volta. Relaxation guaranteed at Aloy’s Bay, Xofa village, Rainbow Gardens at Lake Bosumtwi and others.

•Sleep in the open-air under a bright sky full of stars! The best places are Sirigu pottery village where you sleep at the flat roof of the decorated compound houses, or Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary where you spend the night on a wooden sleeping platform in top of the giant silk cotton tree.

Ghana is a prime location for a restful and enjoyable vacation. Ensure you visit today.

Source: Ghanalife, 6/4/2013


  1. many things that are said of ghana is not true, unfortunately many nigerians are trooping to ghana , cost of isliving is too high , every thing is costly , and the life styles we left years ago are just coming up to ghana , infact nigeria is far better in times economy , but their is security of life and properties than in nigeria,ghanians hate nigerians with passion , beware