University of Lagos Engineering Society Announces Career Fair 2013

The University of Lagos Engineering Society (U.L.E.S.) was formed in the year 1965, it is the largest and one of the oldest societal/faculty bodies in the University of Lagos, with over three thousand five hundred  (3500) students as members and six thousand five hundred (6500) students studying in the faculty. The society deals with the academic and social welfare of her members. The body in time past organized so many programs to achieve these aims, programs which range from industrial visits and seminars to social and sporting events to make the life of the Unilag Engineer more indulging.

The University of Lagos Engineering Society is run by an executive committee which is elected every year into office, the society consist of nine departments which are:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Surveying and Geo-informatics
  • Systems Engineering


ULES has been known on campus for her outstanding and innovative works, in summary students from various faculties and other universities from within and outside the country also participate in the programs organized by the society. One of such programs is the ULES INTERNATIONAL CAREER FAIR which had her maiden edition in the year 2011 and the INGENIUS PROJECT FAIR in 2012.


As we live in a world where technology is advancing swiftly and rapidly, the need for education and enlightenment cannot be over emphasized.

Most student on gaining admission have no aware of the job description of their choice of course requires. And the people who claimed they do, have attested to the fact that they were wrong after the passage of time.

The educational system in this part of the world have not been able to  give students the opportunities they deserve to see, what the industry is like and to have a clear picture of the dreams they pursue. Which is why several people have left the Faculty of Engineering during the cause of their studies to where they believe is better for them.

As it has been seen after a recent survey, that Engineering is the most lucrative career choice any one can pick, but also the most technical and tasking. It has also been said that once the electricity problem of our nation is fixed the engineering field would be the most demanding as the economy of our nation would depend on it.

It is indeed a painful thing to see that several students in these demanding and yet important fields do not have the right platform and opportunity to develop their human and intellectual capabilities.

Aside these issues, there is a gap between the industry and the classes as just a few students really have the idea of how the industry looks and their role in its development accordingly

As for student who have selected the field of engineering, they need to be fully inspired and motivated for the great, daunting and enormous challenges that lie ahead.


The ULES international career fair is a medium for students to meet with the corporate society to know what is expected of them when they complete their degree program and allows the students assess their level of quality.

ULES INTERNATIONAL CAREER FAIR is a careers information day which has been developed in response to student needs for an all-encompassing careers information event. The Career Fair aims to show current students the wide choice of careers available and to encourage individual career ambitions, on both traditional and less traditional routes. Also, it has been built to be the largest resourceful Career Fair in the history of any learning institution in this nation and abroad.

The ULES International Career fair will offer an invaluable opportunity for students preparing for SIWES Internship, final year students and graduates to meet potential employers, from local, national and international companies, gaining an insight into the labor market and finding out about selection procedures and employability skills. The Fair recognizes that many of the courses chosen at the university provide vocational training, and so many employers can come to look for specific graduate skills, or recruit for larger graduate programs.

This however is just part of the story. The Marketing and advertising managers of individual organizations, Local SMEs (Small or Medium Enterprises) will use the medium to promote, exhibit and market their products and services.  Also use the fair to advertise their businesses, offering insight into the local labor market for the many students who choose to stay in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole after completing their studies.



This edition of the career fair has been packaged to improve more lives and reach out to more students around the globe. The new face of the career fair is being fortified with two new features.  This structure was formed to look into what Engineering students around the country and the world at large can contribute to the economic growth of Nigeria through technological advancements and also by way of researching into Engineering problems of industrial relevance; this new structure of the Third edition of the CAREER FAIR has given birth to the CAREER FAIR and the CAREER EXPO. This edition of the ULES CAREER FAIR is themed LOCAL CONTENT BILL, HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPECTS FOR INDEGINOUS TECHNOLOGY.


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