JAMB UTME: Over One Million Candidates Will Be Denied Admission – Minister

Over 1 million candidates that sat for the University Tertiary Matriculation Examinations,UTME, on Saturday, may not gain admission into the nation’s higher institutions due to lack of space, the federal government has stated, DailyPost has gathered.


The Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufai, disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja on Saturday after having monitored the conduct of the UTME in Abuja and Suleja, Niger State, alongside the Registrar and Chief Executive of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board,JAMB, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde.

Rufai said that the current capacity of tertiary institutions across the country was only about 500,000.

This, she noted cannot cater for the 1.7million candidates sitting for the UTME.

Professor Rufai who bemoaned the gross inadequate number of universities in the country appealed for more public private partnerships for the establishment of more institutions to increase access to university education in Nigeria.

She made the plea, noting that the growing number of students who enrol for admission into tertiary institutions annually is alarming as revealed by the number of students siting for this year’s UTME.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board,JAMB, announced that over 1.7million candidates registered for the UTME, an increase of 13.35 percent compared to last year’s.

According to the Minister, there is space for only one-third of these applicants and the remaining candidates, who may even pass the admission cut-off mark, may never get admitted.

She further lamented that this vicious cycle is bound to continue if the appeals of the federal government goes unheeded.

The Federal Executive Council,FEC, recently approved provisional licenses for the establishment of five new private universities in Nigeria.

This brings the total number of government owned and private universities in the country to 122. With over a hundred universities, the federal government claims, the institutions are not enough to address the challenges currently facing the nation’s tertiary education.


  1. Nigerian’s where are we heading to?, is it that FG can not build more institution to stop all this ungodly act, after someone passing or getting above cut off mark, still yet he or she wil deniel admission.. What is happening FG, don’t you want nigerians to acquire knowledge?.

  2. There are much spaces especially in the private sector. But the problem it that these various private universities fees are to high almost impossible for an average nigerian to afford. It will do much good if it can be looked into

  3. FG u see wot i hav been saying….let gv a minor interest to oda sectors n gv major concern to education evn afta graduation d person goes without job,let mak provisn for them to get d certificate first bc time z coming wen if u dont hav degree certificate,u r nobody in d society.Let those top govt officials stop useless our money n as well sending their own children abroad to acquire education whereas Nigerian z lacking.If u ask FG why ar we lacking universities here in d country,they will tell u dat there z no money whereas they are tryin to negoitate with Boko haram for amnesty;pls let’s use d money for something meaningful

  4. FG mind you that if denied 1 million candidates admision,you people automatically 1 million moral standard in d country because that will give rise to robbery,kidnapping and other social vices in the country.So minister of education pls readdress this urgently because you might be the first target for kidnapping.

  5. FG mind you that if you people denied 1 million candidates admision,you people automatically denied 1 million moral standards in d country because that will give rise to robbery,kidnapping and other social vices in the country.So minister of education pls readdress this urgently because you might be the first target for kidnapping.

  6. Hw could u pple’s said such?wht a wickdness is dat?would u pay dem dere moneyback?u dat’s dere tamenting ppel anyhw Gog’s watching.why didn’t u gave max of population b4 selling forms?let it be joke.

  7. Knowing quite well that the universities across this bad politicians govern country can only accommodate 500,000 candidates, why must you people(JAMB) sold out additional 1.2million forms? Please i need an answer, i dont know why nothing is working well in this country, only God will help us.

  8. Listen carefully, were do u think Nigeria is heading to, we’re planning to negotiate with Boko-Haram’ in other to let peace reign, fine! & so fucking what?
    A person of purposeful is nw shivering, youths standard is flinching, ladies/guy’s aren’t able to think straight again, it’s quite unfortunate that Nigeria as a whole tends to witness dis calamity, someone tell me, where d hell are we heading to??? the less previleged Youth who have wat it takes to get admitted had become street-walkers, theft, etc… because dere’s no connection, and dis connection of a thing isn’t genuine @ all, numerous student’ admission files have been trashed cos dos who are inccapable have d connection which is enhancing corruption, can someone tell me… For how long is this noscencity gonna continue???

  9. Oh Nigerian leaders fear Allah as if you are seeing him. Remember that your brothers, sisters,sons and daughters are involved in this year JAMB, if you succed in taking your child out the nation Allah is here with us.

  10. i think d way d nigeria educational sector is going nw does nt encourage youth 2 futher immidiatedly after their o’level sch.i think learning a trade or having a handwork is d best opt 4 d youth in nigeria economy nw.

  11. If the jamb body knows that they need 500,000 candidate for university admision then i must the sale more than 1.7million jamb card.since is only 500,000 candidate that will get the university admision.. Then less solve this together..the remening 1.2million x 5000 = ??? what value are we getting??? Is that chitting,corruption,dupping?????…my fellow Nigeria,less solve this together to find the answere.. I am Newton silas..!

  12. Are these pple dat constitute d fG without conscience?why has dis nt been told to d public b4 d form was on sale?masses who ran helter skelter 2 get d money 4 d form are now regreting.God Almighty is watching ova us nd we shall give account on hw we dealt wit our sheeps.

  13. F.G why re we deceiving ourselves, were by 1.7million wrote exam you re just giving only 500,000 admination not even half. Lets note dat God is watching us many pple dat write de exam this may be their last time of writing nd most have written it 4 7 to 8 time all in de name to gain admination. God i beg u never u forsake ur pple in to ur hands we commit ourselves many u see us through nd grant us admination. Amen.

  14. The federal government ar wicked, they dont want we the poor 2 b happy. The only onece dat will gain dis admission will b the children of the rulers or rich people in dis our wiked country. God will jodge the government nd head of institutions 4 making us cry each year, we score more dan the cut of mark evry year, but stil no mony no admission, in dis year our useless government has brought out useless nd hearth breaken talk. In d last day god wil not 4give d government of nigeria, bcos they ar wiked.

  15. D solution now is, those who score the cutoff point should be consider free registration or use d point next year, if not, then we term dis government is not building the foundation to help d generation. consider d poor one, grow up.

  16. No mata d stories..no mata d informations..no mata d decisions..no mata d arrangements..it has been settled in heaven dat dis year belongs 2debby..4d heart of kings is in d hands of God..i hav made it 2my university of choice by HIS grace..weda na 10million pipo..e nor concern me..chauchau

  17. D result cannot determine how my future will be,i believe dat ur children that out nation won’t succed than us.bear it in mind dat d faster runner is nt alway d winner.let d poly & univer.cutt off mark b reduce pls.time is nt wait 4 any body.

  18. Our oga @d top don’t feel our pain cos none of their children is skuling in nigeria they r all outside d country.one tin i knw 4 sure is dat there is some1 higher dan those our oga which is GOD.as many of us dat want to go to skul dis year,my prayer is dat we,ll pass der jamb,post jamb n any watsoeva jamb n we’ll become greater dan dem someday.

  19. To d people on top;u’re d leader of armed robbers,kidnappers and all d terrorists in dis country.Why did u sell form 4 over 1 million candidates,y not the total number of candidates u can affford to admit?If not 4 ur own selfish interest.Remember dat u’r sowing a seed today,you,your children and ur coming generation will continue to reap d fruit.

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