Photos: Veteran Nollywood Actress That Acts Witch Roles Confesses To Being a Witch in Real Life


Famous Nollywood actress Camilla Mberekpe allegedly confessed to being a witch yesterday, Sunday 28, April 2013 at infamous Pastor’ TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations.

The programme was shown live on the church’s Emmanuel TV for the whole world to see, here are screen shots of the event.



  1. This T B Joshua man, I dont trust him at all. Who knows how much he has brainwashed the woman to say those things. Or what he must have given her to drink. Even if she’s a witch did anybody report that she killed ha children? Busy body Nigerians.

    • Tb Joshua is as real as Air…..
      Everyone in this world has two natures. One is the physical body & the other one is d spirit being which is unseen. And it controls the physical.
      If you listen to her confession / manifestation last night you will notice she is a nice person in d physical but her spirit being says contrary.
      Everyone in this world needs deliverance.

  2. Wonders will nver seem to end in our nation, that is while parents should b careful of wht their children watched.

  3. She’s a witch enheee?… Many of u here are possesed by dfrnt demons but u are so blind to know… I thank God she is delivered of her predicament. Praise God!

  4. The woman in question is not a witch she was only being possessed by demons even without her knowledge just like many Nigerians out there. Almost 99 percent of Nigerians are possessed so we shldnt criticised her becz we dnt even knw d demons we also carries. Instead thank God for her deliverance n pray to be delivered to. Tnx n God Bless.

    • Nelly you are on point here.
      i am happy she is now free. she has been delivered, her relationship with God is now what it suppose to be.
      Thank God for satan has been defeated once again.

      i watched the whole thing live!

  5. I dont’t beleive it. Has she ever been accused of such act before? I mean has anybody ever accused her of killing some ones son/doughther? This is not true, I don’t trust all these claimed Man of God. God knows what they have giving her to take before saying that Rubishi!

  6. These confessions are confusing. Is everyone possessed by an evil spirit? The questions that keep bogging my mind is how come these confessions are always similar? May be very soon we will be told that we are all evil spirits. Can one be possessed without his or her knowledge? Is it when you attend the SCOAN that you confess to being possessed?
    I do watch Emmanual TV sometimes, but it sometimes get boring because of these confessions tht have tended to turn me off.

    • TB JOSHUA is a real the living word.
      God is using him mightly. today im happy because the woman in question is now free. she has been delivered.

      Tb Joshua is as real as Air…..
      Everyone in this world has two natures. One is the physical body & the other one is d spirit being which is unseen. And it controls the physical.
      If you listen to her confession / manifestation last night you will notice she is a nice person in d physical but her spirit being says contrary.
      Everyone in this world needs deliverance.

  7. Let no man judge anyone. Whosoever dat judge each one thou shall be judge. Lord, let every hidden witches and wizards in Nollywood dat has been killing Nollywood actors and actress secretly be expose b4 this year 2013 runs out in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.

  8. Dere is no prophet like tb Joshua in the whole world, he is doing it as God directed him, anybody who is possess must manifest once u get in the church of all nation and must be delivered in Jesus name. So u fit talk anyhow but no cary cause 4 urself.

  9. Firstly, she didn’t confess being a witch. It was a case of been possessed with an evil spirit. Secondly, to mike, mind what you say about proposed men of God because it might lead to your ruin. Whether He be fake or not, you have no right at all scripturally.

  10. She is not a witch bt witch dwels in body & its disturbing her. Just go to synagogue church of all nations @ ikotun egbe, lagos , nigeria & be free from witches & wizards.

  11. @Mwakuk you can be possessed without you knowing it. So it may not be her fault that she is possessed. And to those of you, criticizing T.B Joshua you don’t know the gravity of what you are doin because the bible says thou shall not judge and here you are judging. Why not live him with God let God be the judge and allow people that believe him to do so.

  12. If she doesn’t believe in TB Joshua, what took her there? And besides, does this sound familiar: touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”. Whether real or fake, it shouldn’t be heard from your mouth. Beware

  13. Point of correction she never said she’s a witch! We ve problem with our median. Just because u want to sell ur magazine u guys are publishing lies Thereby discouragin odas. Heaven is watching. And we shall all account for every deed done here when d Master shall return. Also 2my beloved commentators, any topic u dnt understand dnt delve into it! Discipline urself enof 2ignore. She did herself more gud dan harm. D wrld is ful of darkness. It takes d c nt ur optical eyes! All u c is nt all there is

  14. So we have been watching witches and wizzards films since all dis days. Na wa o. I fear african pple o. Blaq color with blaq mind and bhaviour. GOD SAVE US

  15. Who is ever a prophet in dis country? Nigerians don’t know what they have in TB Joshua, anyway, a prophet is not recognise in his own land. Those who value him, are enjoying God’s power and grt deliverance through the man ☀̤̣̈̇ƒ GOD. I Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴͡ him as our Elijah

  16. What’s more important is that she’s free from whatever troubles her in d past. she will definitely recover all she has lost.
    And for d critics: Whether u like it or not TB Joshua has improved significantly the world of millions physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and any other way imagined. What do u have against him? Or the lives he has changed not better than yours?
    And for d media: why not report the truth? Or do u think Nigerians are fools? Did u see “witch” on d Emmanuel TV or d clips u displayed? That’s why u will never last. Watch ur fall….
    For u: don’t let anything stop u from getting ur deliverance or breakthrough. Not fame, riches, pride, shame, name it……….

  17. She’s a witch enheee?… Many of u here are
    possesed by dfrnt demons but u are so blind
    to know… I thank God she is delivered of her
    predicament. Praise God!

  18. If I may say,we all got it wrong because of the caption it self..”A veteran actress acting witch role in movies has confess to be a real witch”so my question is has any one watched a movie she acted as a witch??if yes name it…she was just possessed and notin more..that’s all

  19. I note it when i watch her films especially when she act as a witch. i usually fill demonic reality from her actions. God help us and those who do not understand spiritual issues.
    God help he children that must had have some encounter with demons as a result of watching her films.
    I am so glad she is delivered and she is born again. the question now is how about you? do you know you can be a witch and you do not know?
    we should not condemn her, but lets ENCOURAGE her to continue in her profession.

    God bless us

  20. This life is full of funny ……things……na only witch…y is nt being demon herslf………we get a b careful in this life………….no. Can tell w@ exactly z happening………god save ur children.

  21. How dis one take concern me??? However, i as a prsn beliv nt in T.B JOSUA… I don’t tink it’s a gud tin for a pastor to be prophecies death on someone and laterly come to pass, how obvious is dat???

  22. @information nigeria,u took dos pix live bt u wrote a diff thing frm wat d evil spirit sayd tru her,I watchd her deliverance,d evil spirit is even blocking her success and nt wat u wrote so BE CAREFUL.

  23. What do you know and what do we know?
    Why almost all possess human are found in the church?
    Why is it that only one person does the work in the church?
    Do you know witch or the devil?
    All these seem barbaric!
    No one can judge this woman bcos the world is too deep to understand ….

  24. Anything you say will b used against you in heavens mind ur mouth.dont say what u dont know.b careful bcos God is watching!

  25. I am sorry for most of you for your ignorance in things of GOD. “The Bible says that for lack of knowledge my people perish”. Knowledge come by reading the WORD OF GOD-BIBLE. When you do not know and you are ignorant, please ask questions before coming in front of news media to publish/write about/comment on what you do not know about. Actually the lady in question manifested, that is possession of evil spirit. She was not the one talking but the evil spirit in her. And immediately, she is delivered the evil spirit leaves her.

    Most of you who have commented on this write-up are a living home of all sources of DEMON on this earth and you know yourselves when there is no day you do not dream of being slept with/eating in the dream/no progress in your live/failed relationships or broken marriages/disappointments just to mention. Please, I advise you all to go for deliverance in any Bible-based living church so that you will live your God given destiny. Let those who have ear, hear!

  26. Lol…. While readin the comments some of u said do nt judge as it is written in Matt. 7 vs 1 and touch nt God’s annointed bt have u read 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 21? ” i don’t tink so”

  27. If u dont understand PLEEEASE do not coment cos u‘l giv acount of anu vain word u speak. D woman was not a witch she was only possesed by a mami spirit her acestors used 2 worship dos who watched it live heard wot she said if u hear wot she said u‘l understand wot am sayin hw can she b a witch & distroy her own marriage & carrier? It was d demon dat possesd her dat spoke tru her. CAMELA IS NOT A WITCH!!!! D gud news is she has bin delivered & free 4rm every demonic atak jus watch out & c many mo actors & actresses wil also go 4 deliverance & dos of u dat say prophet TBJ is not a tru man of GOD hmmmmm u r possesd oo if u dont lik watchin emmanuel tv jus no dat u r possesd & u need deliverance wen i saw her on tv i was sooo very hapi cos i no shes free & ol dis death dats strikin nollywood WILL NEVER COME NEAR HER DWELLING shes beta dan odas from wot d demon said u wil no shes a prayerful woman wel sha may God giv u ol understandin 2 understand d tins of d spirit am hapi 4 her ooooooo (dancing & hapi)

  28. TB Joshua, dis man dat always tell lies, when Yakowa nd Azazi died, he said he prophesized their death, all of his prophesis ar evil nd negative.

  29. You can go ahead and tear yourselves apart for what you don’t even understand, but I’ll advice that you leave TB Joshua out of this. I’m not a fan of his, but he is a man of God for crying out loud. Exercise restraint and care at all times whenever you comment about men of God-fake or authentic.

  30. She is nt a witch..she was jez possessed by a demon…and moreova check awt d subtitle..i dont see any..iyam a real witch dere dis news headline was jus used to draw awa attention…i dont hav anyfin to say abt TB Joshua..cus i dont hav d rite to judge or say who is fake or real,right or wrong..lets jus b watchin..itz jez a mata of tym..if deres anyfin to d exposed…trust me..its will b exposed… Datsall

  31. Bet questions i keep askin masef..why is it only in Pastor TB Joshua’s church dat all dese deceptive confessions cum frm?? Why dose it only hav one branch in d whole world n dey call it church of all nations??..why is it only TB n his fellow wise men dat can perform miracles and do deliverance?? Why is it dat dey ask too much questions to d deceased person who is possessed by d demon?? Why do dey ask d possessed person…wat is in d holy water..wat is in d SCOAN dat cant mak u operate..wat is in TB J dat cant make u work and so on??? Why? why?? why??? much questions dat i cant or havnt gotten an answer to……..well God will continue to save all of us…buh seriously..if u watch closely or listen attentively..sum ppl say different tinz..compared to wat d demon has me..i watch emmanuel tv almost everyday so i knw wat am talkin abt…. God is wit us…Amen

  32. To b sincere, i dnt realy trust TB Joshua bcos of d confessions. I feel like he’s bribing ppl to say wht dey re nt or he’s being using other means…one tin is we cnt tell who’s real or fake…God knws best…i dnt really get it, did d woman said she’s a witch or was she possesed? Anyway all tnx b to God for her deliverance

  33. Reading the bible is not all that matters but understanding what you have read. I don’t want to run into a hasty conclusion but for those who claimed they read the bible and are ever ready to quote don’t judge so that………. Have ever taken time to allow the holy spirit to reveal to them what is written in 1corinthians chapter 5. We should learn to give the benefits of doubt. One evil that has possessed Nigerians is being too quick to believe anything the hear especially when the source is “man of God” as they claims …..lets us rely our own understanding but seek GOD’S opinion……do care how comes about their aforeclaimed anointing. There are differences between magic and miracle

  34. Ur papa nyash there who ever said that she is a witch. How can you said that did she born and born with witch?u better face and face with reality my hand no dey

  35. Hmm… Dis is interesting. Who told u dat u can’t tell d difference btw a real Prophet and a fake prophet.
    Every Christian who is filled with and led by d Holy Spirit can tell who is a real Prophet and who is a fake prophet.
    How? Simple.
    1 of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is distinguishing btw spirits ( 1 Corinthians 12 vs 10).
    T.B Joshua is a fake prophet.
    Dnt believe?
    Be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit and u would.

  36. Even the very elect shall be deceived. Ma people stop following signs and wonders. For this signs shall follow them that believe. Beware! Anti Christ is already around

  37. Wat’z s our problemz, must sum1 kills sum1’s else child b4 u agreed she/he s a witch/wizard? or s witch/wizard all abot killing? y r wi dark inside & pretend 2 b transparent outward? rememba nobdy drag dat woman 2 TB’s church!

  38. U people should mind wot u say about a man of God. God says do nt judge,so I guess u pipu shld knw wot to say. After she had confessed,did it affect u pipu’s mouths. If u pipu dnt want d wrath of God upon ur lives”WATCH WOT U SAY”

  39. point of correction,it’s not only in scoan dat witches and wizzard confess.go to mountain of liberation,lagos and one other church in bayelsa,watch my tv you will see other ministries dat evil spirit is manifesting.she is even lucky to be delivered because the process of going to tb joshua,waking up early by 1am on thursdays,staying for about 15hours before the service starts on saturdays and sundays all in the name of securing seat and entering the main church is not easy.if you are nt patient enough you cant do it.there’s enough seats but it’s pple dat made it to be like dat and not tb joshua.though ur deliverence can reach anywhere you are seated.thank God she’s delivered.some pple may go there for more than one year stil there time of deliverence has not dont criticise tb joshua

  40. Those accusing her for what ever or ever what, should not 4get the evry one is born in to sin, and our life is open to sin.
    Go and get your self delivered,
    am happy she has been set free, either you like it or not.

  41. World pple d woman in question did nt confess dat she is witch…she only said d prblm…dats truoblin her.d demon dat is troubling her life…not a witch oooh world pple…i watch it wit my eyes…dis pple information news dey only carried fake news…wat ashame to dis body dat call der self information news…

  42. Only GOD knw the truth, we, some of us are all a siner heavely father forgive us and cover us with ur precious blood. And give us ur blood and ur body (HOLY COMMUNION) darly amen

  43. Hmmmmm…..Citizen Journalists sha!!!
    U really don’t make news if it isn’t news. U captured pictures from TV,post it on your page,think up a story&write on the pictures.. This is really kinda funny,how come almost everybody seem to confess being possesed once they get to T.B Joshua’s temple!..
    Watch what you post,get your facts right because it’s in her right to push for sue if she wanna.

  44. the only solution to all these religion madness is for our leaders in govmnt to do things right by providing jobs for both youth nd adult to keep them busy rather than seeing church nd d clergy men who are taking advantage of d economic situation to exploit nd deceive them to enrich their pockets.’albeit no witch will right it on her forehead that she is a witch’.

  45. Stcheeewwwwwww!!! Wat’z d mean’ng of all dz.It is really disheartening seeing us(Nigerians) wash’ng our Dirty Linen 2 d whole world on Fb. If really she is,God Almighty will judge her…. I rest my case.

  46. Hmmmmmmm dnt rili knw wat to say abt dat innocent woman oooooo but i dnt believe dat woman z a witch maybe she is only posses by de evil spirit…. I tnx God for ha cos CAMELA is saved frm de hands of the useless spirit…. Amen

  47. D bible says dat in dat day pple will ‘Lord, Lord, did we nt cast out demons, and per4med many miraculous wrks in UR NAME? Bt he’ll say: go away 4rm me, u wrkas of lawlessness. I rest my case, and leave d rest 2 God.

  48. nawa for nigerian’s you guys can judge someone easily..some of you that are commenting are also possessed by spirits either from antiquity or another and una dey shout nawa…may God be praised…thank God for her deliverance.

  49. Am sorry to say this,TB joshua is a man that i can never trust in my life,i dont see the true image of God in him,his miracles are of the same partern,everywoman must confess that she is possess,everybody that comes there must confess,does it mean that other mean of God doesnt conduct derlivrance on people? I have watched where one of his pastors were forcing another man of God to say whom he is,meaning,the demon in him,but the pastor stood on his ground saying that he is free from any demon,yet he was prayed for and yet they cast demon that the man did not have. Please,i dont believe that and i will not,my yard neighbour took her mother to TB joushua’s synagogue,and after prayers,he said that the woman will not die till the next 15years,after then,the woman came back healthy and died on the 3rd week. Pls i dont trust him and i dont believe in that testimonies, period

  50. @ treasure…is TB Joshua God dat he shld predict for one to die nw or later? Only God cn decide who’ll die or live…wht if Goh had already said she’ld die dat dat day cn TB Joshua stop him? N i keep wondering y he shld keep prophesying of ppl’s death, failures n all dat…i’ve neva heard he prophesied of promotion or anything gud n it comes to past…i dey wonder weda na so God send an to do him work…n pls one more questn for u al…is TB Joshua ever preaching of heaven n hell? If no,, den i’m sorry to say he’s nt……i rest ma case

  51. if there was a deliverance its Jesus dat delivers not tb joshua. and the Jesus i knw does not disgrace people openly. tanks.

  52. @ mike: shut up for critisizing agaist TB Joshua. She is not a witch but it was d evil spirit speaking anybody can b a victim ok?




  54. You people publishing what you are not sure about because of money, it is not a curse, it is that money that will kill you people. I personally watched the program, the woman is not a witch, she was delivered from the power that has been hindering her progress. I think you too need deliverance.

  55. Its nt in any man’s power to decide any man’s faith or stand in the christian race. Once you are not been hindered from serving your God and no one is forcing his/her church on you them why are you giving yourself unneccesary headach?
    Note that all utterances would be judged in heaven.

  56. It take one with d spirit of a prophet to knw a true prophet of God u media crew ask God to open ur eye to see as for T.B Joshua he is a prophet from God Amighty. Am happy for her including her entire household i wish that am the one dat went thru dis deliverance. soonest my cometh.


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