Waje Clears Air On Unclothed Appearance In Video


With the rapid growth of the Nigerian music scene into a global phenomenon and the discovery of new talent, creativity and controversy have become necessities for the survival of many an artiste.

Female sensation Waje has managed to keep up with the rapid change with her latest video of “I Wish”, a heart breaking song.

The genuine video production and compelling visual keeps amassing rave reviews, but in a particularly memorable scene the songstress is depicted as nude. This has created quite a stir among both her fans and critics with comments pouring in about Waje’s decision to go nude.


But that is not the case, she says. The singer told Vanguard Newspapers in an interview that the ‘nude’ scene was computer generated.

‘After being on set of the movie, Tunnel, I realized that our music videos are like movies painting the right picture and acting it. ‘I Wish’ video is a lifeless theme and the song is a vulnerable song, and I tried to interpret it in that abstract nude picture with the broken mirrors. It’s me trying to interpret a woman’s vulnerability’,

So you all should calm your horses, Waje is still as modest and innocent as we knew she was!!!

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