We love the people, PDP hates the people; we work for the people, PDP work against the people – Oshiomhole

Adams OshiomholeGovernor Adams Oshiomhole has expressed his government’s commitment to the conduct of a free, fair and credible election in the forthcoming Edo State local government elections.

Governor Oshiomhole made this known while speaking to a crowd of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) supporters and voters at Oredo, Egor and Ikpoba-Okha local government areas, during the kick-off of the campaigns on Tuesday. He said the election, slated for April 20, is “a litmus test for one man, one vote.” According to him, “it is to me a thing of joy that we are going to conduct a clean, transparent local government election on the basis of one man, one vote. This one is a commitment that is our power.”

However, debunking insinuations by the opposition party that the ACN was planning to use the Neighbourhood Watch to rig the election, the governor asked: “Who established the Neighbourhood Watch? Who made the law? The People Democratic Party (PDP) made that law. All we have done is to implement the law.

“We appointed independent men and women who are neutral because we are different. We trust the people, PDP suspects the people. We love the people, PDP hates the people; we work for the people, PDP work against the people; we develop the society, PDP under-developed our communities; we protect lives and PDP kill and the people have killed them in Edo State by endorsing us.”



  1. I just all nigerians to know,if only all nigerians would obey the word of God,and do according to the will of God,peace,prosperity,would over shodew our land.the problem is not party,we need God fearing leader,who can take the people of nigeria to thier promise land.let peace rain in our land.thanks


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