Weddings: 10 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. However, most brides spend the day stressed out and anxious. Here are a few tips to help you have fun and enjoy your special day because after all, it’s all about you.

1. Don’t expect “perfect.” Expecting perfection is a sure way to suffer a mental breakdown because what’s perfect to you might not be what’s perfect to anyone else. Expect things to be wonderful and don’t worry about the little things. Everything will work out.

2. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!!Make sure everything is taken care of by the day before your wedding. All deliveries, and decorating tasks should be taken care of. Don’t complicate your day by trying to do too much on that day.

3. Your clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for your environment. Make sure your dress lets you “breathe.” Check and make sure that the air conditioning/fans at the reception venue work.

4. Choose shoes that will let you stand and walk comfortably and make sure you’ve walked around in them before. If you must, have them stretched so that you don’t blemish your day with blisters.

5. Avoid eating heavy meals, gassy or acidic foods, and drinking alcohol the night before to avoid discomforts. Do make sure you eat something before your wedding, and drink plenty of water.

6. Avoid heavy perfumes. They can overcome your senses and make you feel nauseous. They can also attract insects if outdoors.

7. Relaxing is most important. Before walking down the aisle, you may find that a short “loosening up” or stretching is in order. Shake your arms and legs and do a few head and neck rolls. You may look funny, but it does help.
Don’t lock your knees while standing! Stand with your legs slightly apart, with knees relaxed, and periodically wiggle your toes.
If you feel faint, take advantage of prayers. Bend your head and breath slowly, deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth to a slow, mental count. Lean on your fiancé if you must.

8. Make all final payments ahead of time, It’s really not nice to be writing checks during your reception. If not paid the week before, give final payments to your coordinator, best man, or some other designated individual in labeled envelopes.

9.Expect extra guests. If you have a seating plan, have a plan for extra seats. While guests should RSVP, setting up extra tables while guests stand in waiting can be avoided with a few extra seats.

10. If you’ve contracted with a team of reputable wedding professionals, they’ve done many more weddings than you have. Trust your wedding professionals, and allow them to do their jobs. Now, if you’ve hired your future brother-in-law’s cousin’s friend – well, you get what you pay for.

There’s very little sense in spending a lot of money and time planning a wedding and being so stressed out on the day that you don’t enjoy or remember it. You never get a second chance(and you really don’t want one) so make it worthwhile.


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