Why Many Nigerian Women End Up as House Wives

In case you haven’t observed it yet, 85% of “career eligible’’ married women are house wives in Nigeria. I mean educated young women between 25 – 35 years of age. These are women who have spent the better parts of their lives struggling to obtain a degree only to be bagged down as “redundant assets” simply because their marital status reads : “Married”. Outrageous isn’t ¬?
You may ask about the likes of Dora Akunliyi and other prominent Nigerian women in important offices all over the country?
My answer would be: Do you know when they got their first offices to be where they are now? They were amongst the women opportuned to gain directly from all those campaigns about: “Women rights”.

Presently, women are accepted to pursue any career of their dream in Nigeria but the quest is 10 times more difficult for a woman that has married tagged on her fore-head.
I must assume that most “relevant” companies in Nigeria has conspired to delete as many married female applicants as possible!

There are several cases of women who have been denied jobs once they mention they are married. This is a recent case I was witness to. A friend of mine and I saw a vacancy post for Nestle Graduate Trainee 2013, some months earlier. We went to the same internet café and logged in to apply. I finished filling and submitting my form within minutes. My friend on the other hand hit the submit button endlessly and nothing happened!
On impulse I changed her marital status to single and hit the button. Viola! The form was submitted in seconds!

Now is this a co-incidence or a conspiracy at work? What do you think?

posted by Susan.


  1. Nigrians are corrupt,thats why a married woman find it so difficult to get job especially in nigeria. For my own understanding in order to tuckle this issue and to make it easy for all women both married and singles, is to first of all fight corruption. Becouse a corrupt country never achieve good things in future. Lets fight corruption and then our women will get job as wel as married and single without violence on their right.

  2. U definitely not serious,don’t u know of so many obstacles b4 unemployed persons-male/female- in ds country? Ethnicity in govt establishment, class of degree, age, year of graduation, experience even 4 d post of graduate trainee, religion especially if u’re a Muslim, sex(woman r d beneficiaries here), ur connection etc. Better face d HR ple in ds country to stop their madness wch is not available even in close by Benin Rep or Ghana here

  3. I agree with Muhammed gengle, corruption has eating us to a great degree beyond estimation, i tell you my fellow Nigerians ontill we change our moral motives we`ll always get it wrong and its start with you & i….!

  4. We believe that women belong to her home nomater how rich ur how beautiful u r if you don’t have a life partner ur noting in the society so I respect women to marry than been or to end on a street


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