Woman Poisons Her Four-Year-Old Daughter For Money

A heartless mother in Australia has been charged with deliberately feeding her daughter anti-cancer drugs as part of an internet scam to raise money. images (5) The little girl, aged four, is fighting a lung infection in hospital on the Gold Coast of Queensland after being systematically poisoned for months with chemotherapy drugs. Now the girl’s 22-year-old mother is in custody charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm over a 10-month period with medication she purchased over the internet.

Police revealed the mother had posted a fund-raising page on Facebook, telling people her daughter was ‘extremely ill’ and claiming her daughter had a rare illness. She was remanded in custody after she appeared at Brisbane Magistrates’ Court. Doctors baffled by the toddler’s mysterious illnesses had begun looking for a bone marrow donor and the woman posted: ‘If nothing changes she will be dead in six months without a transplant… I WILL NOT BURY MY DAUGHTER!!! Xx’ Some of the mother’s 7,000 followers had already sent money to help the sick girl. She set up a donations page on a separate website, where people were asked to send toys as well as money. The Facebook page also detailed the mother’s fundraising efforts and provided information for people wanting to send cash or toys.

Doctors initially told the mother her daughter could be suffering from leukaemia or auto-immune disease, but after she was cleared, the girl was sent home in the hope she would recover. But weeks later, back in February, the girl was back in hospital fighting for her life after she broke out in rash-like bruises and was bleeding from the nose and gums. The woman’s neighbours at a women’s charity shelter complex on the Gold Coast were shocked to find out the truth. One woman said she had seen the girl playing outside at Christmas: ‘We were all told she had leukaemia and we all felt sorry for the poor little thing.’   Another female resident said: ‘She did not join in any of the parties as Christmas because she was too ill. This is a shocking thing.’ The little girl remains in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane in a serious condition. Her mother will remain in custody until she appears in court again on May 20.