Women: The Margaret Thatcher Woman; A Dying Race.

Margaret thatcher

Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the erstwhile and first and only female Prime Minister of Britain, died yesterday after having a stroke. Her death has attracted eulogies from all over the world with even Nigeria’s President Jonathan describing her as “One of the greatest leaders of our time”.

Baroness Thatcher might not have been a popular woman, that much can be gathered from her nickname, “Iron Lady”, but a great leader she truly was.  Margaret Thatcher’s economic legacy of free markets, free trade, competition, low tax and a small state left an enduring stamp on Britain and the world. Margaret Thatcher took a ruined, dishonoured and bankrupt Britain and left it prosperous, confident and free.

Thatcher’s rise was astonishing. The fact that a grocer’s daughter, a woman, and a commoner at that, became the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister in class-ridden Britain is astounding. Thatcher indeed took giant strides that have set her name in concrete in the annals of history. She was a woman who changed history for all women.

Looking around, one wonders, are there any women in the world today, quite like or remotely similar to the indefatigable Baroness? Is there any woman who can even attempt to fill the shoes that Maggie Thatcher wore and expanded so far? Are there any other women willing to go where no man has gone before and willing to dare what few men have dared to do?

Do we have more women like Mrs Thatcher or was this Amazon the last of her kind? For the sake of womankind, and indeed the world, I sincerely hope not.



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