Work as a tour guide – Ron Paul Phoenix Art Exhibition Concept, Nigeria

Good day everyone,We simply need tourists and researchers that are ready and willing to assist us in accomplishing the next great quest into the unity valley ,in search of birds and their kinds of species,we are not only going in to find them ,but also to get them out ,prepare them for reservation and conservation.also to invite foreign bodies,so we can exhibit our research and let it out to the whole Nigeria,Africa and the world.

Job: Work as a tour guide for us

Job Description

 human love for wildlife improvement
 tourism awareness, Potential and revenue generation enhanced
 Job opportunities
 Meet for the requirement of Millieun development Goals vision 2020

 Sponsorship and promotion
 Wildlife Policy Management Support
 Falconry equipment and international support

We are of how much your institution, firm, organization and government has contributed in all facet of life and also encouraging young and Talented youth at home and Diaspora. Thanking you for your patient reading through this proposal and we look forward to hear from you Sir.

Desired Skills & Experience
researching and observation,preservation and conservation of wildlife and its habitat

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