15-Year-Old Boy Jailed For Molesting His 8-Year-Old Sister

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A 15-year-old boy was yesterday sentenced to 3 years in jail by a court after he was found guilty of raping his eight-year-old sister.

According to the victim, the accused grabbed her and dragged her to their bedroom where he ordered her to strip náked. She refused only for the brother to tear her clothes and rápe her for hours.

The court heard that the accused later fled to his friend’s house leaving the sister in excruciating pain. On arrival from work, the mother noted that the daughter was unwell and when she asked her, she narrated the rápe ordeal.

Prosecutor Josephine Wambua told the court that the accused threatened to rape the victim again if she uttered a word to the mother

Appearing before Thika Senior Principal Magistrate DS Orimba, the accused pleaded guilty saying that he was pressurized by his male friends to experiment since they were talking of how nice the experience was. He was treated as a first offender and was given 14 days to appeal.

He will serve his jail term at the Boston Children Center.



  1. This is a lesson to today’s working mothers. Sex education between children in the home must be carried out in private and during breakfast time starting from age 2. Women must wake up to an ever increasing informative era.


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