2015: Asari Beats War Drums, Says There’ll Be No Peace If Jonathan Is Not Reelected

Dokubo-Asari-360x225What happened to the Mujahid Asari Dokubo who last December, criticised President Goodluck Jonathan for allowing “greedy” and “corrupt” people to hijack his government?

Dokubo was quoted as saying, “The President has allowed himself to be imprisoned by some greedy individuals. His goodwill will soon go and that will affect his second term chances.”

Is it the case of a Leopard that never changes its spot? If the former militant’s recent words are anything to go by, Jonathan’s second term ambition is a done deal because as far as he is concerned, Niger-Delta militants will take up arms again and throw the country into chaos if their kinsman is not re-elected for a second term in 2015.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja at the weekend, Dokubo, who led an arms struggle against the Federal Government for years in the past, said the relative peace reigning in the region at present is because Jonathan is president and that chaos will return if he is denied re-election.

“The day Goodluck is no longer the President all of us who are on sabbatical will come back. There will be no peace not only in the Niger Delta but everywhere.  If they say it is an empty boast let them wait and see,” said Dokubo.

Dokubo castigated certain regions of the country for claiming the right to the highest office in the land as their birth price just as he slammed previous administrations for their failure to improve the lot of Nigerians while they held sway.

He said Jonathan has performed better than previous governments, and that he is holding the post of president for the Niger Delta region which should have an uninterrupted eight years before power would shift to another zone.


  1. Asari is a dead man already! He just doesn’t know it yet! U all are dead ……. Wait for it , won’t be long now!

  2. This n/delta r nonentities,a simple look @ their way of life n dat of d accidental president says it all. Let them start it, am sure Asari knows wats on ground but just saying wat he has been paid to say. Hw many indigenous ple in d n/delta r supporting Jonathan or willing to vote him again?

  3. Fucking loosers, niger deltans u had ur chance but instead of bringing out ur best 4 naija’s top job u brought out a dumb Jonathan. This as it turns out is ur worst undoings, I doubt if u’ll get another chance atleast not in the next 25 yrs.

  4. So this guy is blatantly challenging the whole nation isnt he. Well let him know that there is nothing he can do to make GEJ have another. I think its the crude oil in the region that is giving him. Mr asari you are not God and only can decry want He want without dissappointment, get that

  5. I don’t think this guy is aware of such a blasphemy against the entire nation. Well if U think U and ur so called militant can decide for the whole nation let us just wait and see God in action. Mr. President is a good man that was the reason for him been the successor of the most faithful President ever in the history of Nigeria(Late President Umar Musa Ya’adua) but its quite unfortunate that he (Jonathan ) has allowed some set of Idiot to turned people of this great Nation against his administration.

    May I tell U clearly, Nigerian has decided already come 2015 Jonathan will loose the mandate if he refuses to come back to what he promised the entire nation.

    We all know that he sent some of U guys abroad (in preparation for his downfall) to learn how to fly jet and other instruments of war; my guy we are not scare of that let’s just wait till then. Then he will learn his lesson that God does not respect anybody. Please note that if it is war that will settle the case of Nigeria God would not have allowed him to be there.

    Please let us all drop ambition of WAR and go back to God to give us someone to make this NIGERIA great and not set of leader we have now. DOKUBO, U may only see the beginning but not the end of WAR and if God will have HIS way, U may not see that 2015.

    DOKUBO let GOD decides who the next President will be. KEEP SHUT.

  6. Asari y r u lamentin ova n ova whu d hell do u tin u r? To me ur a dead man wast trashed. We d Nigeria we nid a real man as a presidol nt a dump elephant.


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