2015: I Didn’t Threaten War Over Jonathan’s 2nd Term Bid – Kuku

JonaThe Special Adviser on Niger Delta to President Goodluck Jonathan and chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Mr. Kingsley Kuku, has denounced reports that he threatened violence if his principal does not spend two terms of four years each in office.

In his denial on Wednesday, Kuku, said he only appealed to Nigerians to allow Jonathan to do two terms in order to complete the various programmes contained in the amnesty programme and develop the country.

“Unfortunately, what I said has been turned upside down. I did not threaten that there would be a resurgence of Niger Delta violence, if Jonathan was not returned for a second term. I did not say so and I want Nigerians to understand what I said and what I meant,” Kuku explained.

Kuku, who recalled the agreement entered into between the late YarÁdua and Niger Delta militants, said only the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration phase of the programme had been implemented with 30,000 ex-militants catered for, while the development of the region and welfare package for the militant leaders were yet to be executed.


He warned that the current peace in the Niger Delta which had paved the way for increased oil production in the country could be derailed if the agreement reached with the Federal Government was not implemented to the letter.

Kuku also decried the mounting opposition to Jonathan’s Presidency stressing that most of the problems bedevilling the country were artificially created to weaken the administration and portray it as having failed in its responsibilities.

“Jonathan remains Nigeria’s second ‘war time’ President and his tenure marks the greatest trying moment that Nigeria has faced clearly because the problems are created by people to stop him from succeeding as the President of Nigeria,” he stated.


  1. The problems of Jona have not been created by anybody. Jona has from the beginning of his presidency chosen to be a South South leader instead of being fair to all Nigerians. His Ijaw and South South brothers have always made it clear that this is their turn to help themseives to the Nation’s Treasury.Impunity has been enthroned and corruption of magnitude never seen before in Nigeria pervades the Land.Apart from a few most Nigerians cannot even feed! Is this the type of Government Kuku wants Nigerians to support? His Principal’s promise of fresh air has turned into putrid air of death, disease and insecurity. As a Special Adviser to Jona he should be bold enough to advise him not to contest in 2015 because he has nothing to offer since he is clueless! All those paid World Bank agents in his cabinet churning out figures of success with nothing to show on ground will all be swept off with him into the dust bin of History! Nigerians have had enough.

  2. Please let Nigerians learn the proper ethics of public speech, Asari Dokubo said his own; NLC also said the President should resign; Buharis, own is becoming too much. No respect for the office of Presidency again. Let us offer solution to the way forward and stop causing more damage. APC and all other parties can offer solution and stop throwing stones through their Secretary all the time. Caution is required in the way we manage this situation. I implore Northern states Government to start Peace and Unity general forum monthly conferences to sensitize the youth against violence. All other states government can follow suit.

    Nigeria is our country, please let us offer solution from all angle, do or die politicking will not do us any good.


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