3 Ways To Be Comfortable Approaching Men


Summer is right around the corner so there’s no better time to let loose and approach that handsome man you’ve been eying from across the room.

For some women, this task may bring extreme anxiety but there’s no need to worry. Men are actually easier to be approached then many women give them credit for.

So, don’t let another opportunity past you by and try these 3 girl-go-get-your-man tips.

1. Change Your Perspective

The fear of rejection is real, but there’s nothing more unattractive than a women who doubts herself. Confidence comes from within so turn it all the way up — and if you must, fake it until you make it! Try to exude the same energy and comfortability as when you are conversing with your family or friends. Men are members of the opposite sex but they are human beings too, so change your train of thought and realize that they want to be loved and appreciated just like anyone else in the world.

2. Don’t Forget To Smile

Your smile is one of your best features, so just relax and show off your pearly whites. A warm smile is universally accepted as a sign of happiness and good energy. Men will be more open to a friendly gesture, as opposed to someone who gives off closed body language.

3. Prepare A Good Opener

After you initiate the conversation and establish even the smallest connection, most men will take it from there. So, as the woman, your job is to simply spark the conversation and grab his attention. Try to stay away from cliché by rewording typical questions. For example, instead of asking “So, what do you do?” say “What do you like most about your work?” or “Tell me about your 9 to 5.” From there, the conversation should flow naturally. If you happen to run into a moment of silence, always resort back to topics that you know well — whether it’s movies, books, politics or a funny roommate story.



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