Adamawa State: Ten Killed As Gunmen Open Fire On Church, Market

boko-haram-3A group of gunmen Sunday stormed a village in  Adamawa on the border with Cameroon killing 10 residents in attacks on a church and a market, police said.

According to the State Police-Public Relations Officer – Mohammed Ibrahim, the gunmen opened fire on a market square in Njilang village in Adamawa state, killing six people before storming a local church in the same village where they killed four worshippers.

“Unknown gunmen went into the village this morning and attacked a market square where they killed six people and then proceeded to a church where they shot dead four others,” Ibrahim said.

Nine people were wounded in the attacks in the small farming village, 230 kilometres (145 miles) from the state capital Yola, Ibrahim said.

He said the gunmen crossed the border into Cameroon after the attacks before the arrival of policemen from the nearest police post 30 kilometres (20 miles) away.

He did not say if the gunmen were resident in Cameroon.

Ibrahim also declined to say whether he thought Boko Haram Islamists who have carried out a series of bomb and gun attacks in the area were responsible, although criminal gangs have carried out similar attacks under the cover of the Islamist group.


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