Angry Jonathan Summons Israeli Firm Over Internet Spy Contract Disclosures


The Nigerian government has summoned the management of Elbit Systems, an Israeli security firm contracted to spy on Nigerian Internet users, for a meeting to explain why the contract should not be revoked after it allegedly breached a confidential agreement in the contract.

photoThe management of the Israeli company are expected to first appear before two Nigerian security chiefs – the national security adviser and the director general of the National Intelligence Agency – in Abuja this week. They would then be taken before President Goodluck Jonathan, who is miffed that Elbit’s action had let this newspaper to probe into details of the secret contract.

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The security chiefs will relay government’s anger over Elbit System’s ‘breach’ of confidentiality in the $40million contract which will see the Israeli company spy on citizens’ computers and Internet communications under the guise of intelligence gathering and national security.

The Nigerian government is angry the Isreali company went public with the contract, in a global press release that tipped off PREMIUM TIMES which, after extensive investigation, revealed the details of the deal.

The disclosures sparked national outrage, with a lot of Nigerians now apprehensive that their country might be sliding back to dictatorship.

A source close to the deal has told this newspaper the government is angry for two reasons.

First, the administration is angry and embarrassed that the contract, considered by government as top national security secret, has now been blown open.

Elbit announced the contract award few weeks ago in a global press release in an opaque statement that did not disclose the Nigerian destination of the deal.

“Elbit Systems will supply its Wise Intelligence Technology (WiT) system to an unnamed country in Africa under a new $40 million contract announced on 24 April… for Intelligence Analysis and Cyber Defense,” the company’s general manager, Yehuda Vered, said.

But PREMIUM TIMES was able to tap its sources within the administration to determine that Nigeria is indeed the “unnamed African country.”

The contract will help the Jonathan administration access all computers and read all email correspondences of citizens in what is clearly, an infringement on constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, multiple channels confirmed.

On the other hand, politicians in Aso Rock are angry over the disclosure of the contract sum, and what is left of the originally approved sum, our sources say.

The administration had indicated in the 2013 budget that it would procure a Wise Intelligence Network Harvest Analyzer System, Open Source Internet Monitoring System and Personal Internet Surveillance System at a cost of N9.496 Billion ($61.26 million).

With that the contract awarded to Elbit for about $40million, and the story made public, attention has been drawn to the leftover $21million earmarked for the project.

“That money was meant to be shares,” our source said. “It is a security contract and no one will ever ask questions. Now everybody is angry that sharing the money is now difficult.”

Investigations indicate that the Isreali company was awarded the contract without tenders or call for bids, just as there were no public announcements.

Source: Premium Times


  1. Nigerian Governments should be very careful & patriotic with issues of National security in the American or Israeli style. National security is what USA is using to kill persons in Libya, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Yemen, West Bank, Sudan,Ukraine, Iraq etc This same language is today used by EU, NATO, Israel, Australia to trample upon the privacy & rights of their citizens…EDWARD SNOWDEN revelations. ELBIT, UAV ENGINES, RAYTHEON etc are companies used by the Israeli & Americans to cause havoc globally….see global protests. ELBIT should not be allowed into this nation for any IT, INTERNET, SATELLITE or SPACE technology contracts. They are tentacles or vassals of the CIA & MOSSAD. We should be very careful here in Nigeria. WHAT HEADACHE DO GOODLUCK JONATHAN HAVE WITH PRIVATE EMAILS OF NIGERIANS? WHAT NATIONAL SECURITY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT WHEN THE CIA & MOSSAD WILL USE THESE INFO THE MORE? There is a 2015 CIA/MOSSAD/EU agenda to split this large & formidable Nation. Any spying tool with the help of ELBIT will serve Israeli & American interest rather than Nigerian govt interest. Iraq & Libya have suffered such fate in the hands of the Americans. Lots of Nigerians in the diaspora know how evil these white nations are. Nigerians in Nigeria have a wrong idea of the Americans/Israelis/EU thinking that they are our savior. We must learn from South American countries & Iran. These nations(USA/ISRAEL/EU) are not comfortable with Nigeria’s position in Africa. Our political peace, natural & human resources, geographical position, population, level of enlightenment etc are all a pain in their neck. Boko Haram is a brain-child of some external enemy. Just like the ISIL in Iraq & Syria created by the Americans to split these nations. ISIL is beheading Syrians/Iraqis & selling their crude oil in international market. WE SHOULD NOT SELL THE WELL-BEING OF THIS NATION FOR HUGE BANK BALANCES IN FOREIGN ACCOUNTS.

  2. Nigerians must put aside our excessive love for comfort, money, food, clothes, sex etc. We should consider ourselves in the face of war now. Those good in praying should not relent their efforts. All hands must come on deck. All faculties must be harnessed. We must not allow any external jealous enemy to divide us nor control our future. We must sit up now and not make the Palestinian mistake in GAZA & WEST BANK. Where Palestinains sympathized with homeless Israelis (1948) giving them some land to stay…..only for the same Palestinians to be slaughtered en masse today 2014 by the same Israelis they helped at their time of dearest need. Just because the Palestinians refused to develop while their Israeli settlers(homosexuals + Judaism followers) were developing financially and militarily over the years. I am a christian. Dont fool yourself to bring in any religious connotations here. But this is so with the help of USA to dislocate the middle-east for stealing of resources & political gains. We Nigerians must know that Boko Haram is a foreign making to cause divide amongst us. With a demonic agenda. So we need prayers, intelligence, force or might and calm too. USA helped Israel to illegally acquire nuclear power. Israel is the only nation in the ME with nuclear warheads. Israel is not member of any international nuclear power regulating body. USA & Israel are warmongers & have very bad history of reckless use of bombs……Iraqi war/Nagasaki/Hirosima/Gaza/Lebanon etc. Yet Iran with a long history of peace with her neighbours is been disturbed & blocked from having nuclear weapons. WHY? Because the Americans want to put the ME in their pocket at all costs. Iran with their enormous hard-work & indigenious military prowess have reversed the American/Israeli agenda to Iranian advantage, 30 years of embargo notwithstanding. BRAVO IRAN!!!! The Nigerian nation must wake up to this challenge now or never. We may wake up one day and find ourselves running helter skelter with no home, no food, no clothes and no hope. This todays plans for Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine etc. You may see me to be stupid because you hold an American greencard(bullshit) or EU passport(modern day slave). This reality is unfolding slowly. Time will tell. Some Palestinians said what I am saying today when Yasser Arafat was alive in Palestine. People never believed. But the dawn has come on Palestine today. THIS IS THE TIME TO START FIGHTING FOR THAT NEGATIVE PLIGHT NOT TO COME INTO REALITY. LEARNING FROM THE ERRORS AND WISDOM OF OTHERS IS THE FASTEST WAY OF PROGRESS. HENCE THE CHINESE HAVE A SURPLUS TRADE BALANCE WITH EVERY NATION OF THE WORLD TODAY. CHINESE ARE THE FASTEST CREATURES ON EARTH WHEN IT COMES TO COPYING…learning from others. WE SHOULD COPY THE CHINESE, IRAN, SOUTH AMERICAN NATIONS…….SELF DETERMINATION AND REALIZATION. USA / ISRAEL / EU is no friends nor savior of our great nation. We need to start sacrificing all that we can from now. Be wise and strong. Americans are good at creating problems for you and later pretend to want to solve the same problems they created. In intelligence circle that is called ‘VIPERING’ or ‘SNAKING’. MY NATION SHALL OVERCOME IN JESUS NAME….AMEN. EVERY WEAPON OF OUR ENEMIES WITHIN AND EXTERNAL …….SHALL NOT PROPER. SUCH WEAPONS SHALL FIGHT THEIR OWNERS A MILLION FOLD…IN JESUS NAME…..AMEN. LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!


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