AYF Calls For Dokubo’s Sack From Hajj Commission Over 2015 Comments


The Arewa Youth Forum, AYF, yesterday called for the sack of Asari Dokubo from the National Hajj Commission, over his inciting comments over the re-election of President Jonathan in 2015.

The President of AYF, Alhaji Gambo Gujungu, insisted that Dokubo has lost his moral right to continue to serve on the board.

“The AYF believes that following the threat issued by Asari Dokubo to declare war on other Nigerians if they fail to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 elections, the President should show Nigerians that he has nothing to do with the former militant leader by sacking him from the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria,” Gujungu said.

“As youths from the North we believe that the Hajj Commission should be peopled by persons of integrity that other Nigerians can look up to and people like Asari who are declaring violence on other citizens should not be seen in the commission.

AYF said a formal letter would be written to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make sure that Dokubo does not enter Saudi Arabia again. He should be treated like an outcast for declaring war against his own people.

Asari Dokubo is however not deterred by the reactions to his comments as he has dared the House of Representatives and security agencies to arrest him if they can muster the courage to do so.

Dokubo said that any attempt to arrest him will mark the end of Nigeria and called the authorities coward if eventually the threat of his arrest was not effected.

Speaking at a briefing in Abuja, yesterday, Asari said he stood by his words that there will be no peace in the country if Jonathan was not re-elected for a second term in office in 2015.

“I stand by my statement which I made in my earlier press conference, there will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere, if Goodluck Jonathan is not President by 2015,” Dokubo said, as he recalled that the House of Representatives did not call for the arrest of a Northern chieftain, Alhaji Lawal Kaita and former Head of State, General Mohammed Buhari, for making similar comments in the past.

He wondered why his own comments were being viewed as outrageous, as the two northern elites were today walking the streets freemen.


  1. Nigeria should be asked ‘the eastern question’. It has become evident that Nigeria is at the brink of extinct and it may fall apart soon. I wonder what the AYC is thinking leaving the Boko Haram to their wickedness and making noise about someone who is just threatening to be wicked.

  2. Nigeria’s peace is threatened from many quarters, its unity is being pulled apart: Oh Allah You are the giver of peace and non can give save You and non can withhold except You. Oh Allah we suffered decades of bad leadership and now our peace and unity is threatened. Allah remove peace from heart of Dokubo and his like, their blood you should cause to dry, let the terror be confined within their bodies, shake them below their feet, turn them upside down while on their mounts. Oh Allah bestow peace and tranquility on Nigeria, solidify its fragile unity oh The powerful. Bless this country with good leadership oh Allah. Ameen

  3. I have no power to judge, let God judge every one n give his reward according 2 our works. IJN amen. A builder builds in vain wen d most high didn’t approve, if it of God’s wish we stay as one so be it, if not let his wish be done…@ same tym protect ur innocent children God of mercy.

  4. Nigerian govt should leave Islam alone, how can dey enforce a militant like asari on d hajj commission, in as much as d govt does not allow people 2 practice their religion, then more extremists should b expected to emerge. Responsible people among d Xtian r allowed 2 nominate themselves into d Xtian pilgrimage comm so y not let Muslims to practice their religion also.