Boko Haram are not Muslims – Abia Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner in Abia, Usman Abubakar, has described Boko Haram as deviants of the society that must be rooted out of the country.


Abubakar said this during a familiarisation tour of the Police Mobile Force 55, Osisioma, near Aba, on Monday.

The commissioner urged all Nigerians to support government in the fight against the insurgents in spite of their religious affiliations.

“They are not Muslims, as their mandate is to destroy.

“I want to disabuse the minds of most Nigerians who think that Boko Haram sect members are Muslims. They are not Muslims, because Islam preaches peace.

“Boko Haram members are deviants of the society. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

“The constitution of the country stipulates our right to religion, education and association, and so, no one group has the right to decide our rights for us,’’ Abubakar said.

Earlier, the Squadron 55 Commander, Wilson Dankwano, had earlier announced that it had lost three of its officers to the militia in different attacks in April and May in Yobe and Maiduguri, respectively.

The dead officers, he said, included Corporals Emmanuel Obongha and Ekpo Wofai Ubangha.

Dankwano also said the command had performed creditably well wherever its personnel were deployed within and outside Aba.

“Its on record that the squadron had no record of casualties in nearly 3 years of its consistent involvement in the fight against the Islamic insurgency in the north. Not until recently when we lost 3 of our men to the dreaded militia.’’

He said the squadron had also contributed its quota in the fight against armed robbery and kidnapping in Aba.

Dankwano said the squadron recovered stolen and abandoned vehicles and sophisticated weapons as well as arrested several armed robbery and kidnap bandits.

He appealed to the police commissioner to help in constructing a befitting barrack accommodation for officers and men of the squadron, stressing that the existing facility at the squadron was not enough.

The commander also appealed to the commissioner to take over the running of the squadron’s maternity/clinic for effective and efficient administration to mitigate the cost on the squadron.


  1. If boko haram are not muslims y are they bombing only churches or is the socalled jihad war a xristian intiative too,at the onset of BH insurgency they made us believe thy were against western education,but to our dismay thy started bombin churches

    • Sometimes its hard to belive how some people will think, av u takenn time to think or ask urself y nnow? We knw boko haram to be. Existing sincce obasanjo’s regime y has it got to wait until to strt a fight? Dnt just stand from a far and give judgement, a real Muslim in his rite senses will neeva kill another no matter what if he says they are not Muslim he is not wrong bcos a Muslim is trained to preach peace not to deprive others others of their freedom.

  2. I wonder y d commissioner said bokoharam sect. are not muslims.i’m sure he’s a muslim so he’s tryin 2defend his religion.if they are not muslims,then who are they? I’m tired of hearing this bokoharam thing,its not news anymore,its now a norm.

  3. Bokoharam are not muslim. what are they? if islam is preaching peace, what is de meaning of the two sword dat crossed each other as their logo? what did knife has to do with peace? if u are not truithful u must go and talk dat tin i ur state if they il spare u

  4. boko haram are muslim or not dats not our business we as d niger delta boko haram cannot stand and fight us,my only issue is just our president nothing i repeat nothing should hppened to dat man