Boko Haram: Nigerian Army Backs Amnesty

Nigerian Army LogoThe Nigerian Army has backed calls for amnesty for members of Boko Haram sect.

Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Ibrahim Attahiru at a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday, told journalists that exploring amnesty option does not undermine the competence of the military just as he disagreed with the view that amnesty is government’s last resort due to the failure of security operatives to end the insurgency.

Brigadier General Attahiru said as part of measures to check the rising wave of insecurity in the country, the army authorities have deployed quick response patrol groups to patrol designated areas nationwide, establish military presence along the highways while assuring Nigerians of the Army’s commitment to fighting terrorism in the country.


  • if the nigerian army want amnesty for boko haram, it then means that the army has been defeated. Period

  • Nigeria, Navy,Airforce and Police can not stand boko haram d best thing 2 do is 2 ask 4 armnesty. nigerian army etc are good in crude oil business.imagine an army general can not shoot at a target during shooting range. dis country of yours is finished

  • I have never seen a country like nigeria were there is no luv among d tribes. we should not waste our time let d country divide may be in d future we can learn our lesson and still come back. an hausa man can never be honest 2 an ibo man or a yoruba man can not trust either.d only way forward is d country 2 divide so that each money belle leaders should go and steal his or her own country money. i wonder how our leader ken came 2 baltimore maryland 2 buy d biggest hall in baltimore maryland.4RM LANCASTER CA

  • i don’t thing they are tired. We should not forget that intimes of infantry, nigerian arny has been rated the best. We should not allow just one statement to blind our eyes. We should all remember how valiantly they have fought bfor. “we are all entitle to our opinion pls no one should criticise me”

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