Boko Haram: Resign If State Of Emergency Is The Only Option, ACN Tells President Jonathan

Lai-Mohammed2304The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to forget about imposing a state of emergency on some of the northern states worst hit by insecurity occasioned by deadly insurgency attacks, saying any such move will be akin to giving the PDP an undue advantage rather than helping to end the crisis.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party asked the President to resign if the imposition of emergency rule on the most affected states is the only viable option he has left.

ACN said inability of the the Jonathan-led administration to appropriately diagnose the problem in the first instance, as well as an exhibition of lethargy and an appalling lack of creativity in devising measures to put an end to the crisis has made it linger for too long.

“Perhaps President Jonathan should emulate late US President Harry Truman by putting a sign on his desk at Aso Rock that reads ‘The buck stops here’ to remind him that he bears the ultimate responsibility for the security situation in the country today, instead of any attempt to blame some state governors in the affected states.

“Imposing a state of emergency on the states that have beenmentioned, like Borno, Yobe and Nasarawa States will amount to shifting responsibility and unduly victimizing the Governors of those states, who have done perhaps more than the President, in dealing with the crisis, even though they are not in charge of any security apparatus.

“It is important to state here that the President virtually abandoned the states as they reeled under the effects of the Boko Haram onslaught. For about two years after assuming office, he refused to visit the states until the APC Governors blazed the trail and left him with no option but to follow suit.”



  1. Its well known fact that GEJ is incapable to rule the country, he is therefore behind the killn of innocent lyf & distructn properties. Why the house do not impeach him? are they on support of this attitudes? Are they quite dischargn the duties & responsibilities on wich they were voted for. Let them know all these they wll account it hereafter when they can do nothing but face God‘s anger. We the masses acknowlege all these are plan 2 succed 2015 election by GEJ. Hm b imformed those rule b/4 you have left, definately you too must left sooner or later bcos you may not rule us 4 lyf. So better you watch your step.

    • @ Cavero, you speak like one of the Bokko Haram people. If lack comments as regards tis matter, better shut your mouth. Are you expecting the president to carry weapons and be in the streets to safe- guard lives? What are all the security agents doing. Northern leaders and politicians are behind this crisis. They are more comfortable with the Islamic devils that are killing innocent people with impunity than the JTF. This issue is taking another twist because the president is a Christian- so sharia is a must and Christian lives must go. Incidentally Boko Haram and Islamic arm of Alkaida has killed their own than the others. Let them go ahead and annihilate all the Abokis. Satanic people. Thank God, I can never be a Muslim, an instrument of mass distraction. All over the world today, Islam has become a torn in the flesh.

  2. Lai i knw u very well , i dont expect dis frm u. since u are a muslim i can advice security men to arrest u as a suspected B H member. u dont care abt d life of people d only thing dat dear ur mind is politice. God will judge u if man can not, wicked man. GEJ go on with it, it is d only option left. since there governors are not capable of doing anything rather dan using dem. all der governors knw abt d BH dey are just pretend waiting for amnesty money to eat. thieves.