Boys From Glo Soccer Academy Impresses Salgado In Dubai.

Former Real Madrid defender, Michael Salgado, presently a top executive at Football Academy of Dubai was in hand to assess the Glo Soccer Academy boys on their training tour of Dubai.

Glo Soccer Academy.
Glo Soccer Academy.

The Spanish international lauded the boys’ performance and stated that all the ingredients they really need to excel in their chosen field, is proper training and commitment. He described the Glo Soccer Academy players as “a bunch of talented young footballers.

“Having seen them in the first and second friendly matches played, I have no doubt that the boys will go places with the right training,” he added.

The Glo Soccer Academy boys played their second match with the Football Academy of Dubai City on Tuesday. They did put up an impressive performance, defeating Adastra Football Club, the second best youth team in Dubai 4-3 with the four goals coming from a Ghanaian striker David Abagna, who also got a brace in their previous match against Baniyas Real Madrid.

Agbagna put the Glo team ahead in the first minute, while Adastra equalised nine minutes later. The Dubai Academy went ahead in the 29th minute and at the interval, Glo Academy were trailing 3-2 to the Dubai Academy. It took a second half brace from Abagna to shift the momentum back to the Glo boys as the game ended 4-3 in their favour.

The Glo Soccer Academy boys will continue their training at the Football Academy of Dubai City with focus on one- on- one situation and containment strategies which will go a long way to serve as a guide for their young and fledgling football careers.

The Glo 16- man Dream Team comprises of 10 Nigerians, 4 Ghanaians and 2 Beninese, that all emerged at the end of the February 2013 Academy.

The four Ghanaians, Aminu Murtala (16), David Abagna (15), Daniel Abaa (16) and Bismarck Larbi (17) were not among the trip that made the Manchester United Training Tour in April due to visa hitches. In Manchester, they underwent trainings on fundamentals of modern football.


  1. How can two players in a team have the same jersey number. This makes the news sound fake but for me its an over sight (16)


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