Breaking News: Governor Amaechi Re-Elected As Chairman Of Nigeria Governors Forum

The Rivers State governor Chibuike Amaechi has been re-elected chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum.


Amaechi defeated Jonah Jang of Plateau State by 19 votes.

Some governors on Friday evening rejected the re-election of Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers as the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF.

The governors, led by Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, claim Mr. Amaechi’s election held earlier was rigged.

Addressing the press at the end of an emergency meeting at the Akwa Ibom Government House in Abuja, Mr. Akpabio, leading Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo, Peter Obi of Anambra, and others, said the ballot papers used for the election were not serialized thus allowing for manipulation.

They said they would not recognise Mr. Amaechi’s victory and would instead recognise Mr. Amaechi’s challenger, Jonah Jang of Plateau, as the Governors Forum chairman.

Mr. Amaechi defeated Mr. Jang by 19 votes to 16 on Friday at the election held at the Rivers State Government House.

The Presidency and the Peoples Democratic Party leadership had opposed Mr. Amaechi’s re-election with the PDP Board of Trustees Chairman, Tony Anenih, claiming the NGF had been hijacked by the opposition.


  1. Why did they not raise alam ealier on, concerning the ballot box, pls you can not bring nigerians back the man of the people & the most popular man in nigeria in person of amechi has been emerged, take it or live it he won you know it, akpabio who the press is always showing him confessing of rigging of a senetoria seat in his state is conplaining for what reason?

  2. How can 35 pple go 4 an election nd u ar talkinn abt rigging,all of una dey slip(mr akpabio)………is dat nt an expensive joke????

  3. The election of Amaechi is a victory of light, sense, freedom and democracy over foces of darkness, dictatorship cum despotism. One could not imagine Jonah Jang being the NGF chairman, at least for now. Meanwhile the most appropriate person has won. Congratulations to all the governors, including those who voted against the winner. Those who would dispute the election involving a mere 36 or so individuals should examine themselves critically.

  4. Congratulion!!! Gov Rivers,Nobody was der wen God made U,Humanb can not change Gods plans in ur life,go ahead God is in contorl. U i a Catholic,go 2 d Blessed Sacrament,tell d block rosary 4 prayer,God will lead u nd dis Country Nigeria.Ur light must shine 4 dis Nation, if not now,in d nearest Future,so shall it b IJN,Amen.Nigeria must b free IJN.Amen.

  5. Gov Rotimi. May d grace of our LORD b wit u always, nobdy can’t stop ur shine cos u ar destine 4 it. Imagin other govs. Complainin of fruad afta dey hv casted against mr Rotimi. Dey shld search their mind n hide in shame cos their plan didn’t wk.

  6. Governor akpabio is talkin like a child, y didn’t him stop d election wen they al agred that it wil be a secret balot system. He is fool at his age


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