BREAKING NEWS: State Of Emergency Declared In Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States

jonathan_0President Goodluck Jonathan Tuesday evening declared a state of emergency in three northern states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno. The president made the declaration during a nationwide braodcast relayed live on national television.

In imposing the state of emergency today, President Jonathan wielded extra-Ordinary measures by invoking Section 305, Sub section 1 of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

However, Mr. Jonathan stated that regardless of the state of emergency imposed today, the governors in the three states will remain in office and enjoined the governors to give maximum cooperation to security agencies in that regard.

The president had earlier met with the governors of Yobe and Borno in the Presidential Villa late afternoon prior to the announcement.

Full text of the President’s broadcast will be published in our subsequent reports.


    • Dats true my broda, how can 1 declare state of emergency nd still let their governors stay in power? Dis is definitely nt a state of emergency

  • Thank God and alah our president has woke up from his slumber. The northerners has never expierence war. How many of the northern general like buhari fought or went to the war fronts during the civil war. They want taste it and they will surely get it. Mr president thank you but even the governors must vacate their office. They are agents of boko haran and the evil ex-generals. God and their alah will disgrace them

  • Pls what is the meaning of State of emergency.Why are the governors still in office?This is to show illiterate Nigerian that Mr Jonathan is working.Abeg no bobo us GEJ.

  • That is what we Nigerian have been waiting for,
    but i want to ask’
    what is the meaning, for declaring state of emergency?; when the governors of this various states- are stell in their office,
    GEJ’ you could have allowed this governors to vacate their seats depending on when the state of emergency will last.

  • the decision my president take was a very good one.he can’t just watch boko haram and co finish this nation.

  • this is a laudable one, thumb up GEJ & AGF&M, this is a new dimension to state of emergency. we have all along bn blindfolded with misapplication of this section of the constitution. again, it is a wise move to have put the govs in notice b4 taking the move. this time, u re right! where is nasarawa?

  • wot kind of state of emergency is ds? GEJ dont b a coward. Arise frm slpn and stop dcvn us. All ds govnors, honorabu members of d hoses of assembly, SEC membas must lv office. Dey av no business in office during emergency. Administrators sud b appointed 2run d affairs of d states. GEJ wakup!!!!

  • This is to show that GEJ is still fearing northerners, what are those governor still doing in the office when you declare state of emergency, or you want to tell the whole nigeria that you don’t understand the state of emergency? I think it is time we all wake from our slumber and see where this government is taking us bcos I see no reason why mr president will find it difficult to carry out his duties as president of this country. Mr president you have to be bold, strong and firm when it is time for decision making. May almighty allah be with you. Ameen

  • What is d essence of declaring d State of Emergency when d Governors will still remain in their imcubent seat as a governor, ds is rubbish bcos they were incapability of security matters.

  • Mr president had shown he was not a coward but dis govermors must b watch very closely.sackin dem now might not b d best cos indirectly,it wasn’t their fault but once they interferes wit dis emergency………they must pay d price n not blame anybody

  • My president has done a good work but incomplete work done which shows he’s coward although if GEJ has taken dis bold step at d beginning of d struggle may be it wouldn’t av escalated to dis bloody state

  • President Jonathan I admire you so much for your patience & diplomacy,you have gently & carefully pushed the governors aside,its only a foolish governor that will think he’s still in charge,let me tell you the governors will operate live governor general while the military will be like prime minister. Secondly where are the anti jonathan’s PDP disloyal governors running their stinking mouth that he should not declare state of emergency,I thought they were incharge,let them reverse it if they can [power pass power],bravo presido.

  • You say what we want to hear but you do what we hate, why so because you are not affected. Now state of emergency whose gonna suffer… The poor masses or the rich? God have mercy on us.

  • remain kaduna kano jigawa and oda northern state,but bear in mind u can never eradicate muslim in nigeria, God promise must be fulfil, islam will dominate all world whether u like it or not, Muslim steadfast in prayer. fuck u GEJ,fuck PDP

  • The constitution does not stipulate that the governors should be removed from office, they came in via the people’s mandate, this is democracy not a military rule… Hence the state of emergency is in order… Thumbs up Mr. President…

  • State of emergency declared by GEJ is a welcome development, 2 president cannever be in 1 seat.

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