Brit’s Arm Takes Six Years To Heal, Breaks Day After Final Treatment

After six years of agonising treatment to fix his ­shattered arm, Tim Blackburn could be forgiven for having a bone to pick with pesky pooch Jackson.
The Staffordshire bull terrier, two, is in the dog house after he tripped his ­luckless master on the stairs and sent him tumbling to a fresh break – the day after his arm felt fully healed.
Tim, 50, said: “The dog thought I was taking him out and pushed past me. He knocked away my leading leg.
“I knew straight away what had happened. It snapped like a twig and it was excruciating – I couldn’t believe I’d done it again.”

The dad-of-two’s dog’s life began in 2007 when he fell off a ladder and broke his upper arm in three places.

One break refused to knit and became infected, forcing surgeons to saw off part of the bone.
It left Tim’s arm four inches shorter and a surgical cage was drilled into his humerus.
But a three-month course of a new ­ultrasound treatment, Exogen, helped the IT engineer’s arm to heal recently before doctors replaced the metal with a plastic brace.
The grandad soon stopped taking painkillers and was able to finally remove the brace for the first time before a christening.
He said: “At last I was able to sleep without the fixings waking me up every time I moved. I felt fantastic.
“The day after the christening it happened – I fell, due to the dog.”
Tim, of Stockton-on-Tees, is now waiting for a new round of hospital treatment.
He added: “It’s just as well I’ve got bad luck – otherwise I’d have no luck at all and if I didn’t laugh about it, I’d cry.”