Buhari Wants To Destabilize Nigeria – Presidency

Muhammadu_BUHARI1The Presidency has reacted to the claim by former military ruler – Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd) that the country is looming towards anarchy saying it was unfortunate that he could make comments that were only meant to destabilise the country.

Buhari was quoted at the winding-up convention of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, in Abuja as saying that anarchy was “already knocking on the door of many sections of the country”.

However, in its reaction, the Presidency through the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Political Matters, Dr. Ahmed Gulak, said as far as the present administration was concerned, Buhari should be ignored because he was insincere in his claims.

Gulak said, “Buhari should be ignored by Nigerians. He is not sincere in his claims. He is a serial election failure and he is ready to say anything in his bid to destabilise the country.

“Buhari is part of Nigeria’s problems, so it is better for him and his team to remain on the sideline. He should be ignored because he is not saying the truth.

“Contrary to his claims, President Jonathan is transforming this country and will continue to do so and make life more meaningful for Nigerians.”


  1. Gulak is lost becouse he is dining with blood sucking vampires who were reforming the country into zonbi land with there reformation agenda. Who do they think they can fool by saying The gentle leader Buhari want to destabilize the country; after all they have destroy the country and God will purnish them

    • @kabir, did I hear you say Buhari is gentle. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Only goats, caramels and sheeps will cast their vote for him. No matter what he does come 2015, Allah will chose who would lead this nation. It’s God that puts a man on the throne. Buhari is too old to context. We need flesh blood and not zombies to rule 9nja.

  2. Why didn’t this ‘he goat’ gulak or whatever he says his name is reply asari dokubo when he said there will be war if jonathan fails to win come 2015??

  3. My own sincere advise to my President, is that, he is God Ordained President in a way,at the cost of this reason he has all powers at his bek and call. But he can’t do it alone or on his own.Because OF that, I am asking himto bring out a special day for God and pray radical prayers and cry to God and He will see what happened in 2chronicle 20:15 happened again in this his regime or administration.LET HIM Come to God and see Him chase away all those smal small spirits and powers ,because He is the Omnipotent God know other power is aboue His power. Let me prescribe this Bible tableth to you,(Joshua to the last)if you drink it according to prescribtion it will be better for you,me and us all. Job35:10-11. Be wise Sir we are at ur back. Ur son and ur friend. Remain blessed

    • Why Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ Ɣ☺ΰ backing Evil with the word of God. Use another means to get whatever Ɣ☺ΰ wnt frm whoever but dnt miss quote the bible

  4. I don’t know why PDP and the presidency are so much afraid of strong opposition especially CPC , “BUHARI”? For your information,so far we will practice democracy opposition most exist and get ready for failure in the fourth coming election:

  5. The children of this man (Aso rock attacking dog) should call their father to order; even a blind and deaf need not be told of the feverish state of insecurity in the country from Borno bama, baga; southern kaduna, kano, yobe, taraba, plateau, bauchi, nasarawa and to the presidents’ home state bayelsa; not less than 1300 people has been killed between Jan-May 2013. Are we in war zone to have lost these number of Gods’ wonderful creatures? Let alone kidnapping, robbery, unemployment in other parts of the country. the general is only being generous to be modest in his assessment. Anarchy is an understatement pls. i’m sure those who are still singing the the song of GEJ is because they have not lost a dear one through the ineptitude of the current administration or better still they are benefiting from the inefficiency. continue to allow sentiment, religion and tribalism to stock your sense of judgement. IS THIS THE FRESH AIR YOU WERE PROMISED?

  6. clueless gulak and his oga at the top [ GEJ ] should remember that Nigeria and Nigerians had not witness a worst governance like their’s shame on you all, God ll punish u. General Buhari go ahead it is your turn Sir.

  7. Viva CPC!! They are afraid of loosing power cos they will all end up in jail like some of d african leader, so get ready for the opposition party APC is government Waiting!

    • Buharia can never b president again til he die northerner r d pple dat a fustrating dis man,dey d engine room of al d atrosities dat r happening in dis country.m president its a pity dat u r far 4rm God bt by d reason of ur office cal him he wil ans u.Apc or watever dey called wil fail woefully com 2015.

  8. Gej,buhari & gulak are all political animals/goons they all wine & dine on d same table.For in politics 4 a country 2 b stable some pipu must die [email protected] wot u call patroitism/heros in ur anthem.I wish d masses learn 4rm their past mistakes & do away wit religious sentiment,tribalism etc.For d good of every Nigerian.

  9. Gulak is right.Buhari is the chief anarchist of Nigeria.Quote me.We lost young corpers in Kaduna working for INEC in 2011 all because Buhari,Tony Momoh and CPC incited their supporters to go on rampage.Not only the corpers more than 200 other people were killed and property worth more than One Billion Naira destroyed.Buhari was approached to help quell the senseless riot by addressing his supporters but he blatantly refused neither did he appologise till today for the lives he caused to be waisted.Since then he has been heating the polity with acidic remarks capable of destabilising the Nation.He threatened more blood will flow if he fail to win in 2015.A common Fulani nomad like him.After all when he was a minister $3.6 Billion went missing under his watch till today he can not account for the money he stole yet he claim to be a saint.It is only that Nigerians forget easily.What a pity!This same Buhari has also boasted several times that he will punish IBB as soon as he become a President.That is to say he is only on vengeance mission not to serve Nigeria as he said he can not forgive Babangida for plotting coup against him.He forgot that he displaced Shagari through coup also.I am sorry for those supporting him.IBuhari has a hidden agenda to actualise in Aso Rock that is why he is so desprate and making unguarded statement that profits us nothing but confusion.In sone countries their Presidents tried severally before they became what they are, they did not behave like Buhari.2015 Buhari is already lost out again as many non Hausa/Fulani of the Northern origin will still not vote for him again as they even prefer a Southerner to Hausa/Fulani.The Yorubas wont vote for him either.As for the old East(Niger Delta/five Igbo States they wont waste their votes on Buhari.How can he win?He(Buhari) has resorted to threat of violence to intimidate us to accept him.It wont work.Violence is not his monopoly.Thank God we have the likes of Asari Dokubo here with us who are modern a match for Buhari.Let him(Buhari) venture,he will certainly see what he never expected.He can not stop GEJ.We the Igbos are solidly behind you Jonathan.

  10. Look at the idiot Aso rock dog callind Buhari a serial election failure for saying the obvious. Gulak has never won election in his own unit. I stand to be corrected

  11. i am a southernan,Edo precisely,i dont think GEJ can win even a state apart from his so called bayelsa in d forth coming election..u r a disgrace to the governing house or nigerian.u had no shoes bf bt now u r using ur boots to kick us all,i regret ever voting u


  13. G8 comments 4m d ouse, @Jt, hw can God giv ur father d responsibility 2 train u, nd he ends up with d xcuse dat d uneasinex of life iz d rreason y he faild. We gave GEJ our mandate 2 secure our rights till 2015, nd u re justifyin iz failurre 2 d people 4m d north, he mst b an irresponsible idiot 4m d pit of F9. If he can’t do d job due 2 ur xcuse, den let him step aside 4 d right man 4 d job or did we make him GCFR 2 budget #4B 4 an unconstitutnally recognizd office of d 1st lady or re d north responsibl 4 fuel subsidy scam, pension scam, incessant kidnappins etc.

  14. All dis people singing a praise song for Buhari u people r seriously insane with incureable madnex. Hoe dare u trying 2 praise a traitor 2 his mother country. So long as dis nation is concern Buhari can never & wil never lead Nigeria again, instead we shatter dis Nation. How dare u? How can a Boko Haram lead us? God forbid! U r a course 2 dis Nation. He hu do not know how 2 obey can never be a good leader!

  15. i dnt think GEJ has do sumtin good 4 the country dat can make us 2 vote 4 him again, let us pray dat God should raise a good leader b4 2015 bt i dnt tink buhari can rule dis country, an we dnt need him an GEJ.

  16. Goodluck Jonathan is still better Buhari and his cohorts. Buhari is part of the problem. He instigated Boko Haram and has ever be involved in the corruption and insincerity. If APC cannot field another candidate in 2015, Jonathan will still win the the election. Please take note.

  17. GEJ is 100 percent better dan BH sorry Buhari. Let us b sincere 2 ourselves, Buhari & Northern elders are d architects of d insecurity in d country based on their promise b4 d 2011 election dat brought GEJ in2 power. BH is a virus dat bears its founders name BuHari.

  18. Hm! Wawa! Ke nan!Ewu”President Jonathan is transforming this country and will continue to do so and make life more meaningful for Nigerians.”


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