CAN Blasts Jonathan For Freeing B’Haram Suspects

GEJThe Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Benue State chapter yesterday flayed President Goodluck Jonathan for giving a directive to the military authorities to release Boko Haram members in detention in a bid to tackle the gradually reducing insurgency in the country.

Addressing a press conference in Makurdi, CAN chairman, Archbishop Yiman Orkwar wondered why the president initiated a process he could not conclude by ensuring that the trouble shooters of the northern states are made to face the full wrath of the law.

“The president’s directive to release Boko Haram members that were captured few days ago suggests that Jonathan does not have the political will to implement the process of war against the insurgents which he started”, he said.

Orkwar lamented that the president had bowed to pressure brought to bear on him by some powerful forces to release detained suspects of the Islamic extremist sect whose sins he described as worst than armed robbery.

He also said Jonathan’s action portends serious trouble for Nigerians, saying he should have thought twice before acting the script of those who do not mean well for the peaceful development of the country.

“We are in serious trouble in this nation. If people who have committed worst crime than armed robbers are being released, then we should not have anybody in detention again in this country. Jonathan should have thought twice before taking this decision”, he said.


  1. What the President has done is an indication that he has nothing to offer this great country and is telling us of his preparation towards 2015 election. All he is doing is to please the north for them to support his second term in office. May the Lord save us.

  2. Mr president knows what he is doing freeing dem will hep check mate other. It takes we de inteligent once to know dis is de best way to check mate dis boko haram. Nigerians should not be worried over dat for de best is yet to come

  3. When will CAN ever use reason?Mr CAN chairman,are you telling us you are more intelligent than our dear President?CAN is our problem in this country,just wait and yourselves.

  4. Wat dis means is dat mr.president is in support of all dis killings going on. Why wont he go ahead releasing all the innocent criminals all over the federation too. I don’t know wia he might lead us to in 2015

  5. I minced no word anytime I say CAN is the major problem of Nigeria. I really don’t know what this CAN is up to? Either a religious body or a political body? I wonder who the leaders of this body worship, God of mercy or satan? Sooner or later God will definitely reveal the true motive and identity of this body to the whole to see insha Allah.


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