CPC, AYCF Reply Dokubo Over 2015 Threat


Reactions have followed the threat by former Niger-Delta warlord, Asari Dokubo, that there would be no peace in Nigeria if President Goodluck Jonathan was not returned for a second term in 2015.

The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, yesterday, dismissed Dokubo’s threat as empty, and urged Nigerians to “ignore the selfish campaign by the controversial ex-militant to remain relevant in the political arena, when he is not in any way working for the collective interest and well being of the generality of Nigerians, who are looking for genuine change and leadership come 2015.”

The party’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, told Vanguard, yesterday that Dokubo was merely seeking undeserved attention from the Presidency for pecuniary reasons, adding that he would change his position when the time comes.

“Dokubo will adjust the statement when that time comes. It is very easy for anyone to say anything when his stomach is full. When a truly people-oriented regime comes into power, he will adjust to the reality!

“Let no man’s heart fail on account of Dokubo’s boast. Nigeria belongs to all of us and its well-being is our collective responsibility,” Fashakin said.

Dokubo had at a news conference in Abuja last Friday, warned that there would be no peace in Nigeria if Jonathan was not re-elected for another term in 2015,adding that the relative peace in Nigeria today was because of Jonathan’s presidency and not the amnesty granted by late Umaru Yar’Adua and that Jonathan had performed more than any other Nigerian leader contrary to insinuations that he was weak.

He boasted that contrary to claims of his critics, Jonathan had transformed Nigeria in a way no other Nigerian leader had ever done.

In his reaction, President of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, asked the President to distance himself from those trying to give the impression that they love him more than other Nigerians.

“Jonathan should remember that most of these tribal warmongers, who are claiming to love him more than others, were working assiduously to frustrate his emergence as President, when some of us in the Save Nigeria Group were working round the clock for him.

“They should not forget all in a hurry that some persons particularly from the South-West and the North, stood their grounds against zoning and supported Jonathan’s emergence as the President. Why are they trying to appropriate the Presidency to a particular ethnic group today?

“But our sincere advice is that they should encourage Mr. President to work hard and earn the support of the people of Nigeria for a re-election rather than threaten to cause havoc in the country.

“Dokubo should desist from threatening and blackmailing other Nigerians over his kinsman because he does not have the monopoly of violence,” Yerima said.


  1. Dokubo is certainly crazy!nigerians are angry&ready to ambush you,jonathan&the rest!this actually is a season film that u cant see the ending!we are more than ready to kick you guyz out,those that are stubborn amongst you,will certainly bid nigeria&the whole world Goodbye,2015 aluta will continue&victoria ascerta!u guyz are in for a bloody show come 2015!

  2. 2015 change must come,and that means jonathan,you&your families must leave aso rock for change to come in 2015,you hv been warned,nobody can be bigger than nigeria,not even you nor jonathan&his greedy,bad,corrupt,wicked,irresponsible&ungodly cabinets,dont stand in nigerians way come 2015,cos if you do,all consequences attached to this you shall see&feel!

  3. Whether Dokubo speaks sense or not, it is true that Buhari, hs COC and ACN are the ones creating insecurity and making governance difficult for GEJ . We should forget in a hurry when the CPC war lords promised to make d country ungovernable if their Buhari does not win. So, are we surprised when they brought in boko haram and other violence? Why I don’t support violence but it could be d trn of another region to unleash same violence if their “own” is not re-elected. Let’s stop pretending, especially all this mallaams who are making comments here.

  4. Dakubo is working on how gain worldly things from GEJ,why ar we disturbing ourselves,Nigeria is not as small as Niger delta,let him continue with his begging we know he come out from begger family,we ar ready for any war,crisis,violent,chaos,what so ever he can call it idiots.

  5. ….Because they have guns, they think they have power to dictate peace or no peace. He is toothless bulldog. Real men fights with bare hands and not with ill-gotten weapons! Nonentity!

  6. the northerners the boko haram are fighting because the northerners did not wiin the presidense and that is why they want to kill all of us? so you want to tell nigerians it si only the northernerns that will rull us. well no problem.

  7. War and violence begat nothing but unlimited chaos,u can foolishly start a war but d end thereof u all(d sagacious political demagogues) will not witness, and your selfish ambitions will never prevail. mark my words

  8. Nigeria is God’s own nation, it is not an accident or coincident in making, despite her diversity, no region, geo-political zone or trial has d exclusive monopoly of power or war. we should stop glorifying bad leader bcos of trial or region. Let call a spade a spade, put round peak in a round hole. I don’t think there should b sacred-cow any more, unless d government want everybody 2bcom street guys. Nigerian are pushed to d wall ready, the political terrain is tensed-up. We all are sitting on life-bomb. Stay caution!!!