Dino Melaye Threatens To Sue Asari Dokubo Over Violence Threat

dinoA former member of the House of Representatives, Dino Melaye, has threatened to sue ex-militant, Asari Dokubo, over the latter’s statement on the 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Melaye stated this via his twitter handle on Friday.“I will sue Asari Dokubo by Monday. No one, even with presidential backing will take us for a ride. Nigeria belong to all of us,” the former Kogi lawmaker and opposition leader said.

Mr. Dokubo, an ally of President Goodluck Jonathan, in a recent interview threatened violence should Mr. Jonathan not be re-elected in 2015.“There will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere, if Goodluck Jonathan is not the president by 2015, except God takes his life, which we do not pray for,” he said.

His statement comes days after a presidential aide, Kingsley Kuku, told U.S. officials that only Jonathan can sustain peace in the Niger Delta come 2015.


  1. Dino melaye,or wat ever u cal ur self,don’t be a fool.Is’t only him dat make such statement,de careful.

  2. The child that stops its mother from sleeping cannot sleep too.So as u make ur bed so u lay on it.Let him just try whatever he will surely meet his match.

  3. Mr man, you are a very big fool. If you sue him, will dat make you popular in Nigeria. Why did’nt you sue Buhari wen he made similar comment in 2011. If i may ask who the hell do you think you are, sue him and wait for your death sentence. Animal in human form.

  4. Dino is seeking for notice,tribalism is a sickness of the north,what did you do when buhari and co made the same statement?since you have the mind why not engage in a physical battle with him?big fool.

  5. Why is it that most people from niger delta too sentimental,selfish,ignorant behave like scally wag and they talk without reasoning follow their so called leader(criminals) blindly without a single atom of sense

    • Badara.You dont have sense talking about Niger Delta without respect.Let me tell you we the Igbo people 99% of us are solidly behind Asari and will stand by him the same way we solidily voted for Jonathan.Do you think that Igbos will follow to attack Niger Delta?Let the North to venture and see if we will not follow them to secede.All those plot against Jonathan by the North will fail.Even if Jonathan decide not to have another shot Ndi Igbo will mount the throne.Or the old East will come together and deny Nigeria our resources.So Melaye or whatever where were you when Buhari and some Northarn leaders including some Northernn governors made similar remarks?Why did you not ask Jonathan to deal with them?

  6. So because someone may seem to have gotten away with a treasonable offense,…threatening the major fabric of national unity, it has become an excuse for others continued perpetration of the crime? If you reason that way, you should see a psychiatrist! I sorry for your so-called country. Lawless bunch!

  7. I wonder the mentality of animals from niger delta who think with their heart instead of their. winning election is by numbers not by threat. get that into militant heads idiots that trade in human (kidnapers

  8. I wonder the mentality of animals from niger delta who think with their heart instead of their. winning election is by numbers not by threat. get that into militant heads idiots that trade in human (kidnapers)

  9. Dino Melaye, start suing from ur brobers dat started d treat. Is Buhari treat not what is happening in d north? Why have u not sue him?

  10. Those of you supporting this over fed fool called Asari are fools as well. If not for yar’adua do you (bunch of idoits), think the baby you call Goodluck will grant Asari the amnesty your tug of a leader is enjoying? Bunch of nonentities, lazy people that depend on kidnap to make ends meet.

  11. You don’t have to sue him,you want to be known? Thats not the way, or it has been long u appeard on newspapper. He just made a comment and nothing has happen yet, besides he is nt the first to make such comment. Dont be suprice those that you think to back you up, when the time comes you will see them no more, be wise. Like you said nigeria is own by all of us then why do you wnt to take it personal, I repeat again be wise.!

  12. Some people are just too stupid to reason and objectively criticize a personality. The controversy generated by Buhari’s comments was deliberate.
    In hausa language, ” kare jini, biri jini ” means a fierce battle not blood as insinuated by mischief makers.

  13. Dino,i can see dat u hv lost focuse!Former Governor Audu from your state Kogi made similar comment during the last local government election in your state that he will make the state ungovernable if there candidate did not win,y didnt u sue him first b4 sueing Asari.The money u stole during ur regime as member of d house of Rep.,u can go on and waste it,bunch of robbers.The environmental problems caused by the oil exploration in Niger Delta can any of u 4rm d North bear what people suffer there?If the oil is in ur region by now i know that some of u will be clamouring for division of this country.May God heal dis land…….

  14. Dino, l heard you mentioned sue again, how far your case with national assembly. That’s how you always jump into matter then get molested every time. Remember you are running away from your responsibility, You preginated Bisi Obe and start running. Don’t you think you can be sue for that?


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