Emergency Rule: How Bus Drivers, Corrupt Security Operatives Aid Boko Haram Members Escape To Kano, Kaduna

Military-670A veteran journalist and indigene of Borno State (name withheld) who has fled to Kaduna following the grounding of commercial activities as a result of the ongoing onslaught on strongholds of Boko Haram by the military, yesterday alleged that some members of the sect were fleeing the state en masse to neighbouring states of Kano and Kaduna.

The veteran journalist who arrived in Kaduna on Monday midnight said that he and other members of his family had to flee Maiduguri in view of the hardship being experienced.

He said, “it seems the military is winning the war, they military has capture most of the local governments in northern Borno who were under the control of the insurgent group.

“They members of the Boko Haram group are leaving the state en masse to Kano and Kaduna states. The security operatives need to tighten their intelligence units, because once the come into the state, they melt or mix with the people here and it would be difficult to fish them out.

“I saw some of them inside the bus i boarded from Maiduguri to Kaduna, some of them alighted in Kano, while some are in Kaduna now.

“It is very unfortunate that some of the bus drivers conveying these insurgents are bribing the security agencies on the road.

“The security operatives at the check point don’t even check the buses once they collected the money. And a good number of them are in Kano and Kaduna, while some are fleeing to Bauchi State too.

“They people are moving through the road linking Damaturu-Bauchi-Kano and to Kaduna.

“The security need to be very strategic, they should do their work diligently, they should not be corrupt, they should search the people properly, there should be proper screening for the people moving out of Borno and Yobe states, because what i saw on the road when we were coming to Kaduna is alarming,” he added.

Speaking further, he said “The recent declaration of the state of emergency in Borno State is very unfortunate because lives are no more the same like what was obtainable before.

“No commercial activities again in Maiduguri, no academic activities in the area, people have fled Maiduguri; there is nothing going on in the town. No school, no banking, no communication network. The town is grounded,” he said.



  1. Stupid!!! You are one of them, if not how do you identify them? why yourself flew to Kaduna? and you are accusing our security operatives with corruption? you need to be called for interrogation. This media should be interrogated too!!!! YOU MUST YELL THE TRUTH

  2. @Gumel, don Allah, don’t be sentimental about it except u too are trying to cover up the track of the Boko Haram- no peace for them. I travel a lot too and I know what some of these security people do on the high way. Once they collect, no more checking. They even bargain and drivers demand for change. If our security men don’t stop collecting bribes, they can’t be able to flush them completely. We know Boko Harams origin now as they’re moving in droves to Kaduna and Kano states respectively.

  3. If d army kill them u wil complain, if they arrest them d clueless gej wil release them, u are accusing them now of corruptn, what do u want them to do. Jtf keep it up God wil help u


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