Face Of A Traitor: Meet Corporal Enugu, Alleged Ombatse Informant

suspected police oficer

How We Fished Out Police Insider Who Supplied Ombatse With Information – Police Commissioner

Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa State – Abayomi Akeremale, has disclosed how two policemen allegedly leaked operational details of security personnel on a mission to Alakyo village to arrest the leader of Eggon militia group – Ombatse, were arrested.

Parading the suspects in Government House, Lafia, around 4:30pm on Friday, Akeremale said one of the policemen simply identified as Corporal Enugu, was arrested after a crack team of detectives monitored his behavior since the day of the ill-fated operation.

He said Corporal Enugu who drove one of the patrol vans with registration number NPF 6997 C, was one of the men who returned alive from the operation.

“A team of detectives monitored him carefully. They first stumbled on charms in his vehicle (official vehicle). Then, they followed up and stormed in on him at his residence. But before our men got there, the information had already reached there. But my men were fast to get him, and a second policeman in his house,” the police commissioner said. 1102346_253572_540900959301364_1449094552_n_jpgb8a2888674838a2b5e0ec0ffae6037b6-300x175

Three AK47 rifles and a sack of charms were paraded alongside Corporal Enugu and his accomplice, Corporal Haruna Joseph.

Akeremale also showed Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura the front of a police van driven by Corporal Enugu which had a red sticker with an image of a machine gun and a chain of bullets, by the registration number, saying: “our investigation has shown that this sticker was put so that his members can notice, separate and spare him.

“This is just the beginning. It is like the beginning of a river, which is usually small; it will lead us to track down all members of the sect.”


    • Moshood, police are Nigerian just like u. If u’re good the next person to u is good Nigeria will be good. Npf is not as worst as the civilians that killed the policemen who give there lives to protect you and me. Lets stop put blame on the police always. Can u join the Npf? If I may ask.

  1. Police? No, all they can do is catching innocent individuals, what is wrong if he’s the only person or escape alive and what was wrong about the charms in his possesion? Do you think some in his right sense will go out to hunt for spiritual man with empty hand, lets be wise those men were send to be kill and he is the only survivor cos has charms.

  2. Mr president should investigate the CP and the governor. Baba lakio is he the only spririual man in Nasarawa? Is there any crises in the area before sending more than 100 arms police to die innocently? Before the operation, is there any tentative order from Police force HQTRS or from presidency? Is there any form of security treat in the area? How police operational secret document will get to the hands of a police corporal who is even ordinary driver not orderly room staff. Is it because they are native of eggon so he can be held responsible for surviving the attacked? All Eggon villages attacked by hiring chadian and Niger fulani what did CP and his socall Gov almakura do about it. Mr president should tour the state and see the truth about it before any action. The CP has been bribed by the gov. Gwandara doesn’t get their shrine. why he cannot mobilised police to their own shrine. You can only hide the fire but cannot hide smoke.

  3. Imagine all dis rubbish happening in de country and we say we want a better Nigeria? To Governor Almakura and de CP, u guys are just trying to cover tracks right? God is watching u. Is dia any report of crisis in dat locality b4 u sent d troops dat innocently lost dia precious lives? Dia bloods is in ur hands. Free dos young me and make tins right in Nasarawa state. Pls don’t make innocent pple suffer for notin ok?

  4. Oh wow npf need aspecial weapon of war like of the boko haram sesion in other to vanish away all d evil doers in nigeri and they should pray hard in other not to lose there life in world of nowadays which is boko haram

  5. If i will be ask (about Ombatse cult), i will say ‘they should be scrab out of nasarawa and 9ja at large’ meaning they should all die. Looking at the lateral meaning of the word “ombatse” (in eggon) which means “time has come” for them to fight ppl, to rule ppl, to suck blood, to do whatever they want to do, have started their mission of evil since b4 this(the police attack), by killing hundren’s of ppl, fighting vitually every tribe around them but the security force have always try to stop them, now they have turn to finish off the police for them to continue with their evil journey.

    I can say, They are even more dangerous than boko-haram sect, for they have come together (both their muslim and christians) to destroy nasarawa and nigeria at large with the calibre of their men with president, mr labaran maku(minister of information and communication), senator Ewuga, Hon. Joseph haruna kigbu(house of reps member) all in top and are aware of the evil treats and never bothered to stop them, rather suppoting them with sophisticated wipons to masacred ppl. Gov’t shoud act emmediately to stop them or we (nasarawa ppl) knw better way to stop them ourselves. If u see any body supporting this evil, he/she is among them because no senseble man or woman of the state would their act. Thanks!

  6. 4rm ur comments,sm of u r evn worse dan thoz ombatse ‘bastardz’. Hw cud u evn suggest dat d group b left alone, Is it so dah thoz ‘satanists’ continuez thr evil quest?so u av nt heard dah thoz villains wer administerin portions 2 non members both in churchez n in mosques…4cfully. Rem’mba,d officerz dah wer kill’d wer human beings js lyk u,